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MP3.com Live@SXSW: Mika's lollipop


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By Jim Welte - MP3.com

March 16, 2007 at 10:01:00 AM



British singer plays a set of over-the-top melodic pop that is equal parts Freddie Mercury and George Michael.


AUSTIN, Texas--Do you like to skip gleefully through fields of daisies? Are you looking for just the right soundtrack for that? Mika is your man.


mika02_story.jpg mika03_story.jpg



Equal parts Freddie Mercury and George Michael, the British newcomer is a one-man melodic army. He performed a fun-filled set at Eternal last night, singing one unbridled, angst-free pop song after another.


From the moment he took the stage, the singer stood out among the brooding rockers that permeate much of SXSW. Wearing bright red pants, a white shirt with suspenders, and a striped jacket, Mika had the theatrics of his idols down pat.


He kicked off the set with "Relax, Take It Easy," which established a perfect tone for every song that followed it. This is about as carefree as music gets.


Highlights included Mika's debut single, "Grace Kelly," which has Mercury's fingerprints all over it and even mentions the late Queen singer by name, despite the fact that the song is an apparent attempt to satirize musicians who try to reinvent themselves to be popular. The song hit the top of the pop charts in the UK in January and has been streamed more than 1.6 million times on Mika's MySpace page.


Mike topped off the night with "Lollipop," a song that seemed destined for either a children's movie or a porno flick, depending on whether you focus on the giddy music or the refrain: "Sucking too hard on your lollipop / Oh, loves gonna get you down!"



Sounds wicked!! :thumb_yello: Go Mika!!

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