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  1. where can i listen erase? and is there somebody who could send me that song through skype? (my nick - laurucis003)
  2. Mika as an actor? Now, that`s what I call fun!
  3. Thanks! This is one of the greatest interviews I`ve read! ...about that leg stroking and "you`re so hot"... that was so funny
  4. Poor boy. Let`s all send him loads of good energy and strenght to get well as soon as it`s possible! Be strong Mika, we all are praying for you!
  5. I think it`s him! Well.. in the high tones definitely. But... doesn`t he sound a little bit drunk or older than he is? well maybe it`s only my imagination.. But the songs sounds good in both ways..
  7. I haven`t heard anything.. Oh why?! Why I am living in Latvia?!!!
  8. oh, silly me, I found where I can vote..
  9. Wow, he looks SOOOO damn good in this pic!!!! Thank you for posting!!
  10. mm, where I can vote? could anyone tell me that please..
  11. I think that boy could be Mika`s brother. He looks quite asame like Mika. But I`m not sure. We should ask this to Mika himself! or Mika Should write the truth in this tread (and so, we wold even know Wich one of the fans in this site is He!!! That would be great! )
  12. WOW! I haven`t heard this Wonderful, Funny interview before!! Thank you veeery much!
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