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I'm sooo jealous!! look at this


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u guys... I never thought I'd say this but I'm jealous of perezhilton.... and after looking at this link I think you'll all understand why! This is the day of my dreams





:wink2: thanks for that,



what a lucky guy he is, but Perez deserves it, he has been backing Mika all the way and I bet through him and the space he's dovoted to Miika he has won Mika many new fans....


Perez is wacky and he rocks, as long as you are one of his chosen ones!!!!!!!


The pictures are soooo cute!!!!:wink2:

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curly hair is notoriously unreliable and unpredictable. the wrong way of sleeping on it, the wrong way of washing it, if it dries itself the wrong way... SHAZAAM you look like a furry creature died on your head. I, for one, am glad he needs curling tongs sometimes, it makes me feel better for the days my hair just looks like a big ol mess, with emphasis on the big, and I was ready to kill him for having hair that looked that curly and still that pretty naturally all the time. not that I'm a horrible shallow person or anything...but now he can carry on living.

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Yes i'm wondering too if he's curling his hair :bleh: Obviously, he's got curly hair but guess it's just to make prettier curl



I just had this awesome picture in my mind,

Mika curling and worrying his hair in front of the bath mirror!!!! :naughty:

Omg,omg... never underestimate the power of imagination!

this was fun! :'D


I know, Im the most mad person in the forums :insane:

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