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Mika on www.orange.fr, this morning !


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Hello, my dearest Mikaddict friends !


Turning on my computer this morning in order to check my e-mails, the firts thing I saw was a photograph of Mika on http://www.orange.fr. There was also a short article in French that I joyfully share with you. I deliver the French version followed by an attempt of translation. But even in French, some sentences were wierd ! (I'm so proud it put an orange jumper on, today ! As if I had guessed it !!!!)


Enjoy :


Insolemment installé à la tête des charts anglais dès son premier album, l'exubérant Mika est la sensation colorée de cet hiver.


Marcel Proust serait content. Car cette année, la recherche de la Nouvelle Star sera celle du temps perdu. Le jury du télé-crochet sadique peut remballer ses calicots, sa tortue, ses tortures, le nom de la nouvelle star 2007 est déjà connu et il s’agit d’un prénom, voire d’un surnom : Mika. Age : 23 ans. Pays de naissance : Liban. Lieu où il a grandi : Paris. Pays de résidence : Angleterre. Passeport : américain. Ne cherchez pas à comprendre, ce garçon n’est pas comme vous, pas comme nous. Il a du naître dans un berceau à paillettes disco, ou dans une lampe d’Aladin, ou plus sûrement dans les rêves d’enfant du jeune adulte souriant et hyper charismatique qu’il est devenu.


Son premier album ne s’intitule pas Life in Cartoon Motion pour rien, tant son monde bubblegum est situé loin du nôtre, loin du pub pour soudards de Kaiser Chiefs, loin du garage Playmobil des Naast. Chez Mika, les chansons taillent XXL, elles sont à rayures, colorées. Il vient d’être choisi pour représenter la marque Paul Smith. Chez lui, même si ça peut légèrement effrayer au départ, on voit Freddie Mercury rouler des galoches à Rufus Wainwright, les Bee Gees 60’s piquer leurs costards blancs aux Bee Gee’s 70’s, Michael Jackson faire enfin un usage intelligent du catalogue des Beatles qu’il s’est offert sur un caprice. Deux singles aussi dissemblables qu’imparables – le funky et princier Relax (take it easy), l’extravagant pudding queenesque Grace Kelly – ont d’ors et déjà emballé le public européen, et surtout emballé la machine, un rouleau compresseur que rien ni personne ne saurait entraver.


En onze irruptions d’une pop vaniteuse et généreuse à la fois, extravertie mais pas si futile, ponctuellement dansante mais continuellement euphorisante, Mika ringardise Robbie Williams, coupe la chique aux Scissor Sisters et prend la tête de cortège d’une jeune génération hédoniste qui promet de secouer le cul de l’Angleterre cette année.

Christophe Conte

Boldly settling at the top of English charts with its very first album, exuberant Mika is the colourful sensation of this winter.


French writer Marcel Proust would be satisfied. For this year, the French equivalent for “Pop Idol†with be like a research of lost time. The jury of this cruel real-tv show can put away its calicoes, its turtle and tortures (the winner of the last French “Pop Idol was nicknamed “The Turtle"). The name of the 2007 pop idol is already known and it is a first name, even a nickname: Mika. Age: 23. Born in Lebanon. Grown in Paris. Living in England. Having an American passport. Don’t try to understand , this boy is not like you, not like us. He must have been born in a cradle with disco glitter, or in a lamp of Aladin, or more certainly in child's dreams of the young smiling and hyper charismatic adult than he became.

His first album isn’t entitled Life in Cartoon Motion without reasons, so much its bubblegum world is situated far from ours, far from Kaiser Chiefs’s pub for boors, far from Naast’s (a band of French yougsters) toy-like garage. Mika’s songs ar large-sized, stray, colouful. He has just been chosen to represent the Paul Smith label. Listening to him, even if that can slightly frighten at first, we can imagine Freddie Mercury sharing French kisses with Rufus Wainwright, Bee Gees of the 60s stealing their white outfits to Bee Gees of the 70s, Michael Jackson cleverly using, at last, the catalog of Beatles that he offered himself on a whim. Two singles so dissimilar as unstoppable - the funky and Prince-like “Relax (take it easy)â€Â, the extravagant Queen like pudding “Grace Kelly†- have already bewitched European audience, like a stream roller which nothing nor anybody can stop.

With eleven songs of a vain yet generous, excentric yet unaffected pop music, sometimes to be danced on but constantly exhilarating, Mika makes Robbie William old fashioned, cuts the plug of Scissor Sisters and takes the head of a procession of a young hedonist generation which promises to shake the bottom of England this year. Christophe Conte

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I spent my time translating French articles in English for the MFC and English articles in French for a French forum ! Loving Mika is a dirty job, sometimes ! But I love to do it !

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Whoa, that's very nicely said about Mika!

And it's true!

Hehe, I like that guy Christophe Conte... :roftl:

Thank yous for posting!!

It's really nice when people post everything they can get!!

I appreciate that highly!! :thumb_yello:

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