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Such a refreshing change!


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Greetings to all the Mika fans from another new member.:old: Ok, so I may be somewhat "older" that most/all of you, (young at heart though) but I do appreciate good music, and Mika has become my favorite.

I live in Canada and my daughter saw him on a video here. She knew it was something I would like so she e-mailed a computer link to the song "Grace Kelly". Well...that's all it took, and the next thing I know, I'm surfing all the Mika sites, and watching all his videos. I have also been "voting" for him faithfully, but alas, he is bottom of the list, much to my disappointment; therefore, if you haven't voted for him, I'd advise you to do so, as the voting is finished on March 31.

Needless to say, I have my copy of Cartoon Mode" ordered already...

Mika is such a breath of fresh air, so full of life, has a wonderful unique voice range; his music covers all genres, and makes you want to get up and dance!

I love "Grace Kelly", "Relax Take it Easy", and now I am hooked on "In Any Other World", such a mellow, touching and meaningful song. Brings a tear to my eye anyway. Ah, how I wish I was 35 years younger, but what the heck, it's only a number.

Good luck to Mika! May all his dreams come true!

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Why thank you babs! So you are from England! Right now it is 1:32 AM and I should be sleeping...work tomorrow. I hope to visit this forum whenever possible, so maybe we'll "bump" into one another on occasion.

Yes, Mika DOES appeal to all age ranges...ahem, and not just his music I might add!

Take care!

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Welcome bluerose!!

I love it that I can meet different ages here!

( like the age would matter anything anyways)

If you happen to like tamagotchis, be sure to visit the official thread of Mika's tamagotchi! :naughty:

And yes, Mika's something unique!

He has changed my world! :thumb_yello:

*goes to vote a couple of times*

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