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G'day from Australia


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Hello all...

I'm Amanda from Aus and do I write stuff about me here??

Hmmm. I will anyway.

Well, i'm 15 go to school and have not yet met anyone who shares the same music taste as me (happens to be indie pop/rock), i'm hoping to change that soon! besides for that I dont play sport, study alot, and spend the rest of my time listening to music and surfing/lurking/posting on the net. Oh, and I first heard about Mika when I kept asking people "have you heard the new robbie williams song??" untill i googled it and found out that it was actually Grace Kelly by Mika, then i went on to discover the wonderfullness of Mika's other songs and here I am!

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and OMG people thought mika was Robbie williams:shocked:

I notice a slight similarity with Robbie on LiCM though. Just slight. :naughty:


Welcome to the board Amanda! And I love Australia, had a great time there! Which part are you from?

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