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Hi from France


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So hello


I hope you'll understand me because I speak english as well as a spanish cow


So one of my friends told me "listen to this, it's really nice!"

ok grace kelly... mika... ok. I downloaded it...


hmmm quite nice!

so downloading the full album and a video of a musical program called "taratata"

and then

"oh my god, my god, he is, he is, he is, oh , there are no words... everything that i like!!!!!"

2 days later I bought the CD, it didn't arrive for many many years, but this one, I needed it!

And I wanted to see him live... hmmmm sold out argh

oh another concert in june? ok send mails on his myspace until having more precisions...no ansmwer grrrrr... and I found the information and in the middle of the night I bought my place for june 30th. 24 hours later, no places left... oh yeah I have mine!!!!!!


So I'm Raphaëlle, 25 years old, schoolteacher, not at school because of health, that can explane my obsession about Mika! I have nothing else to think!!!!!!!

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welcome!! from what corner of france do you come?

and don't worry your English is fine!


I come from north east, Metz, Nancy...


About my english, special thanks to my greek friend that don't want to speak french... So I know how to be understood!

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