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Mika at SXSW ON Ch4 UK.


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I don't know if any one was aware that it was on, I saw it listed earlier, but it didn't mention his name in the listings, but Mika was on it.

They showed him singing a bit of Grace Kelly, and all of Love Today, with Martin on guitar. He was wearing his bright orange cardigan with a white shirt, and it must have been early 'cause his hair was not as curly as usual, but he still looked good.

Not sure if it'll be repeated on E4 sometime but I'll keep my eyes open for it.

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:wub2: just saw the performance




was totally blown away by it,


mika showed so much exuberant energy and hype, it was one of the best live performances of 'love today' I have seen so far and it made my pulse race faster... what a performance, what a man


he wore his orange cardi and his chain..:wub2:


:wub2: wow i'm still on cloud nine!!!!!!!!!:wub2:

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yeah def worth waiting till the end for!!

In Perez's blog?? he says that MIKA had to go to bed while he partied on, this was evident as he had bed hair (unless it was the humidity?!) and looked so cute with it flopping about! He should leave it more often as the tonged look is too set to me when he bobs up and down on that piano stool-drool!!

Good programme all round sure Channel 4 will repeat it as they are doing a music month xx

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