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Mika in the germanTV


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For all the German-Fans (and for all the Fans who receive the channel ZDF and Pro 7)


04/10/07 ZDF 05.30 in the "Morgenmagazin"

04/10/07 ZDF 13.00 in the "Mittagsmagazin"

04/17/07 Pro 7 22.15 "TV Total"


Perhaps there are some useres here, who can watch these channels =)


(Sorry for my poor english)

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I hope it is on YouTube later! I tried to check the ZDF website, but nothing :sad:


Goodness, German is so hard! I'm trying to pick up anything...all I understood was when the guy said "one". lol

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The entire thing?!! I started to watch it half way through; the part with Robbie Williams and Take That.


Is it me or does the presenter have the orangest tan ever?!!

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