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  1. This is sooo touching You forgot to say that the lead singer was really pissed and although he spoke and sang in German I wasn't able to understand a thing
  2. If you're interested in seeing pictures from yesterday you can find some here: http://www.einslive.de/includes/bildergalerie.jsp?gal=1802&kap=1&img=1#anker
  3. Skinny girls are really awful. And they seem to be getting younger and younger instead of growing up with the band. Really weird. It was too pushy at the front for Blue and me so we moved to the 20+ area. It was pushy even before the show had started. It was nice to have some "older" people around thoug . Apart from the bad air and the fact that some people were even smoking, the show was really good and I'm still over the moon that they did Down to the Market which I've never heard live before. It was nice seeing you and Blue again and I think we had fun anyway
  4. Argh! I can't make this one . Berlin is just too far and Amsterdam is so much closer. As for the day off? Its a public holiday, isn't it?
  5. Hi! I haven't really talked to Blue about it yet but I think I'll go back to Germany the same night and take Blue with me as we'll go to a Kooks gig the next day in my hometown. I hope I'll have a car by then. If everything works out fine I can give you a ride to Almelo as it is more or less on my way back. But I have to talk to Blue first and aks her about her plans. I'll let you know as soon as possible.
  6. Nothing is impossible. I mean, the come to BIELEFELD :roftl: That is so great. A German band. Can't wait for it
  7. That's ok. I know what you meant ;). I heard from a few people that they had troubles being back home but I feel ok so far. I just miss the sea :)

  8. I guess they are ok. Bf is taking goo care of them. Amy got much more approachable over the last few months and Molly.... well, she is Molly. Calm, lovely, friendly and a bit stupid from time to time. They chase each other quite a lot but otherwise they get along quite well. I don't think they'll be best friends though but at least they aren't alone. I miss them!
  9. Good to know that I won't be ignored here. I was just being ignored at a party today by some people. It's weird. One day you get along very well and the other day they don't even know you... Anyway, the winter here was actually lovely. And we're having an early spring. I never had so many sunny days in a row. The weather here is definitely better than at home Oh yes! My bf will indeed be happy to bed me again And the cats. Don't forget about the cats
  10. Yay ! Someone is talking to me, but you're right, its awfully silent on the forum in general. I'll go home in 3 weeks. Bf will come in two and then we'll have another week together here. Hm, right now I actually don't want to go home. I got so used to everything and really enjoy Brighton. It's a lovely place but I'll have to leave sooner or later... I hope you're ok?!
  11. Hi Apples! Just saw the thread popping up and thought I'd say hello. How are you all? I'm busy finishing my last assignments here in Brighton. I tried to post in a different thread, was ignored as usual and think I should better go into hiding again. See you soon and enjoy your weekend
  12. :roftl: That was so random! Why did they slip in the first place anyway?! Was it because of all the slime that the movie has produced before?!
  13. OMG Greta! I love the pictures! Where do you find them? They are hilarious . BTW, sorry for intruding your thread. I just finished reading the fist book and watched the film last Friday. Really nice. Sometimes a bit too cheesy but otherwise really nice. Hm, the downside if it is that I start feeling like a paedophile again because I'm AGAIN drooling over some twenty-something guy. Damn! Anyway, I have to go back to my essay. All this drooling has cost me enough time by now. I guess I'll be back sooner or later
  14. Hi! As this has indirectly something to do with The Kooks I decided to post in here. As you might know (or rather not), I'm studiying in Brighton at the moment (lovely city btw). Yesterday I went to a gig from a band called The Third Man. Their singer is Max Rafferty also known as The Kooks' original bassist. They also recruited Adam (Luke-lookalike roadie) as their guitarist. So this band played in this pub in Brighton yesterday and 89 people and me saw them (there were also two other acts playing but lets forget about them). Most of the people there were friends of the band and we only got in because some of the people from the guest list didn't show up. What I like about places like that is that the bands are among the crowd before and after their gigs so that I was literally tripping over Max who was fooling around on the stairs when I got a drink and my friend was covered in Cider because Adam greeted one of his friends too happily. The atmosphere was really cosy and intimate and the music was good as well . The did a set of a few songs which were all really good. You can check them out at their myspace. They are touring the UK right now and will only play these tiny clubs at the moment. If you have a chance to see them, just go ahead. We paid 6 GBP yesterday and got amazing value for our money. Ok, enough of advertising. Just wanted to let you know...
  15. Nice pictures. Thanks Petra. The show was really amazing. I loved Kid Harpoon. The Kooks weren't bad either. Was a totally different experience watching everything from the back . Very relaxing.
  16. Ok, I have to correct myself. The album is AMAZING!
  17. Yes, you definitely have to buy it. Songs you have to get used to aren't always the worst. It took me a while to get used to Greatest Day but now I like it. Have fun with the album then
  18. I got the album first thing on Monday. Listening to it right now. Its really good. You have to get used to some tracks first as they sound a bit different but it somehow all fits together. It all sounds even more grown up than Beautiful World. I hope they will tour Germany next year. I can't wait to finally see them live.
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