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Hey there :) I'm Brook from the States (Bremerton, WA). I discovered Mika on iTunes two days ago. I was sick of the music in my library and went poking around and stumbled upon him. I clicked on Grace Kelly and immediately had this huge smile on my face. It just.. made me happy. :biggrin2:


I'm a big fan of Queen and Ben Folds.. and his music kind of reminds me of both. I like the fact that he can actually sing - unlike many of today's artists.


So yeah.. I've been listening to him all weekend and have consequently been dancing all weekend. In the car, in the shower, in the kitchen.. in the living room in my underwear. I wonder how many calories I've burned...?


My husband's a U.S. Navy submariner and he's away on patrol until the summer. I absolutely cannot wait to share this artist with him. Then we can dance around the house together. :wub2:

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