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Lycee Francais


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I was in London on holiday last week and from ym room I could to see a lovely little french school. I used to get up early and watch the little french kids go to school every day, some in these cute little berrets. I was looking on Wkipedia just now and guess what I found on Mika :


"They moved to London when he was nine years old. In London, he attended the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle"


This is the little french school! It was right next door the the Grovesner Hotel, South Kensington :) I took some photos which I'll scan in in a bit :) It had a really sweet looking playground with these blue little shelter thingS for the kids to play under. I'm not sure why I posted this but I thought I might just share it with you :)



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why was he at a French school in london?


probably because he had been in a french school in paris up to the age of 9, so maybe his parents didn't want their children to be lost when arriving into the english system and sent them at the lycée

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that could be true. I just thought it couldn't be a language problem since his dad is American he must have been speaking English from the very beginning on


hmm yeh i thought that at first, but i guess the education systems are very different (well i can't really say, i've been to only one of them :naughty:)

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