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hey, i was just wondering how it works with the titles. like how does one go from say being a mika groupie to an ultimate mika fan? does it depend on matter of visits, days joined, posts? let me know! thanks!


lovin' mika with the rest of ya..ahh mikaahh

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Top Posters In This Topic

give it some time....

you will love MIKA for the rest of your life....

and this place is addicting....


I'm not worry about that... Groupie once groupie always :roftl: Been here since the begining of January but... only ready most of the time :wink2:

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welcome to the forums, yes posting here is addicting before you know you'll have over 100 posts :)


Don't think i'll make it at 1000 like you... I don't know how you keep track of everything!!! Well done by the way :wink2:

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welcome and have fun. as much as you post it, you can advance. i joined in march around 20th and now i have almost 200 posts. there are so many threads here. it's impossible not to like one in particular.

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