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TO UK FANS: Mika on Popworld. Need your help!!


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as posted in another board, by jonahwood, on saturday the 21st and then again on sunday morning, mika will be on popworld, on channel 4. that should be the documentary he mentioned me in milano, recorded then, when he talks about the necklace that we gave him that day.


SINCE I DON'T LIVE IN UK AND WITH MY TYPICAL LUCK I DON'T HAVE MANY HOPES TO FIND IT ON YOU TUBE THE DAY AFTER, IS THERE ANY GOOD SOUL FROM THE UK WHO'S TIME AND WILL TO TAPE IT FOR ME? digital support would be the best (sent by email or some file sharing system either way is fine by me), or even tape, if it's not possible any other way. if it's to be posted, I'll of course pay for the shipping rate and the tape costs.


thanks ever so much!


*puppy eyes* :tears:

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Well, I'm going to try, but best not to rely on me because I don't know what I am doing really!


Caz, I just downloaded 4 on demand where you seem to be able to re watch certain programmes from C4, and can download them to watch later, check out the C4 website. I am going to try to down load then youtube, or download and burn to a disc for avoca, but like I said I am just making it up as I go along, so I wouldn't like anyone to be disappointed, but I am going to try!

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