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hey, everyone! my name is Cheng (pronounced like the sound of money but not as dramatic as the end of Grace Kelly), and i am a college student who listens to Mika in order to function alongside stress.


Oklahoma is dead in the middle of the U.S., and we're shunned by many musicians, so i really hope that i get to see Mika here. i have never fallen in love with a musician so quickly. amazing! :)


my friends think it's strange that my two favorite singers are Mika and Josh Groban. It's the polarity and curly hair that gets me.


i'm looking forward to hanging around this board! also, my condolences go out to those at Virginia Tech University

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Hey, welcome! :) I have family that lives in Norman. What a small world!


And same here--I first heard of Mika like a month ago and I've never gotten so completely infatuated with someone's music (and him :wub2:) so fast in my life. haha

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hi hi hi and welcomeee i cant get off of this site! youll love it...its probably making my grades in school go way down...but hey who cares...its MIKA we're talking about! im upset that mika is not crazily big as he is in the uk in the US! some of my friends said they have heard his songs on the radio once or twice but i never have!! i have resorted to not listening to the radio and either bringing my ipod/cd with me everywhere in case i need a MIKA boost! Im sure he'll come and visit your state though...hes mika he does everything right!!

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