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The Thread About Funny Websites


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Lol and they all do that don't they, put extra apples in! :roftl:

Mind you, I don't think he does the shopping at home. :naughty:

I never do that, honestly! :blush-anim-cl:


I live opposite the Albert Heijn, I can imagine John Fealey doing his daily shopping in my supermarket. :roftl:

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What's she singing about? Spinning her leek no doubt! :naughty:

To make a long story short: http://www.myspace.com/loitumaremix


Not about spinning her leek though. It's part of an old Finnish folk song, in this case performed by Loituma. But this part of the song is actually in fake Finnish. :biggrin2:


I've been spinning for over 4 hours the other day. It becomes quite a soothing sound after a few hours. :biggrin2:

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This is the best website ever in the history of the Internets if you want a good laugh:


check out his "How Much Is Inside?" experiments, his pranks, and his amazing halloween costumes. I LOVE this site! The menu prank wins.




Both of the above sites have some interesting celebrity gossip-inspired artwork, which is sometimes really funny and sometimes just gross.

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This always makes me laugh, but the humor may be lost on the folks who speak other than English...


The Dialectizer: http://rinkworks.com/dialect/




lol, you can translate it into "swedish chef"-dialect:roftl: The funny thing is, that when you use it on swedish pages, it "sounds" like when an englishspeaking person tries to talk swedish:roftl:

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