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Heya~! Buffalo, NY Here~!


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Hi, my names' Jaime Lynn and I currently live in Buffalo, NY. I', 27 (soon to be 28 in 4 days~!) work full time and also go to college full time. I love Mika. I first heard Grace Kelly on AOL XM Radio (20 on 20). At first I thought, wow that was really weird! Then I kept thinking about it and hearing it in my head so I decided to check out the video. Then I saw he looked exactly like a friend of mine~! So of course I instantly showed our circle of friends Grace Kelly. Unfortunately to mixed reviews. :( But, the next day I couldn't get it out of my head so badly, I went to Mika's myspace and played it over and over again for 2 hours straight! (how pathetic am I? I feel like a teenie-bopper school girl!) So I'm hooked, officially....and now hailing his name to anyone who will listen. Going to get the CD tomorrow~!


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Hi and Welcome!!!!!


I'm waaaayyyy older than you!!!! (41, shhh...don't tell...)


I went to school in Buffalo, NY. I went to Daemen in Amherst and had a good time there.


Have fun here on the forum. We all have Mika fever. And that is a good thing....

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Hi Jamie Lynn


Welcome! I'm a newbie too.


I'm 37, Mum of 5 kids, and spend most of my time squeeing over actors/musicians like a teenaged girl. Most of my (real life) friends think I'm a wee bit crazy so that's why I love sharing my fandom tendencies at online communities with like-minded people.


So you are definitely not alone! :thumb_yello:

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