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Introducing myself...


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Hi everyone *waves*


I'm only a recently new Mika fan. I live in Sydney Australia (I've noticed there's a few other Aussies around here :thumb_yello: )


My name is Juliana but all of my friends call me Jules.


I've been driving my husband & kids (all 5 of them) crazy with Mika every day since I got his CD. At first they didn't like it but now they're all addicted. My hubby phoned me up from work & said that he couldn't get 'Big girl' out of his head! :roftl:


I run a fansite for a Scottish actor (not sure if any of you are familiar with Hamish Clark - Duncan in Monarch of the Glen) and have access :wink2: to some photo agency websites. Anyway, the past week I've been collecting every Mika photo that I can find. They are all now uploaded to the gallery of my personal website - http://www.celticjules.com/gallery/index.php?cat=8

I'm not sure if there's any not in your gallery, but you're welcome to add them.


If I find anymore I'll let you all know. You can never have enough photos of his cuteness, Mika.


Oh my! Look how much I've rambled on. :blush-anim-cl:

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Welcome Jules - come in and join us. There are other Australians here - and other mums too - I also have 5 children!!! :thumb_yello:


You have 5 kids too? I noticed that you are from Perthshire. I'm flying to Scotland at the end of August. Spending time in Edinburgh, Newtonmore and I'll be going to the Blairgowrie Highland Games in Perthshire! Can't wait. I'm so in love with Scotland and have a huge thing for kilts. Hehehe.

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I had a quick look around here but there's so much to search through.


Has everyone seen photos of Mika's Mum and sister, Jasmine?


These were taken at the Sky Bar in LA, 27 March. (Have you spotted his Mum in the Grace Kelly videoclip? She's in a green dress)





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