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Hey, I'm new here. Just like I've been on a variety of other forums before. Only difference this time is I'm actually making my own introduction thread. It's kinda shocking to me that I actually am, but when signing up i was just asked to many times to, I couldn't resist. :biggrin2:


Ok, so the first post/sticky thing says that most Mika fans have a "cracking personality" and after I read that I felt a little intimidated. Why? Because I do, in person. But I always kinda lose that when i log online to a forum. I get way to serious. Like I am now. This whole post so far even seems too serious for me.


The first sticky/post thing also says to mention how I found out about Mika. Well, I guess it's simple. I was listening to the radio a while ago when "Grace Kelly" came on, and I loved it soooo insanely much. I was dancing around my room(mind you, it was probably around midnight on a monday), pretending to sing the lyrics that i didn't even know. Right after the radio host person said the name of the song, I bought it on itunes. The day after I started listening to the rest of Mika's songs on youtube, and bought the CD a few days later.


Now I've posted about 3 paragraphs on a thread I didn't even want to create in the first place, funny. I guess thats it then.

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hello there Emily :thumb_yello:


well first of all its true all Mika fans do have a cracking personality :naughty:


We are happy to welcome you to our Mika fan club family and hope you enjoy reading up on the forums and posting.


But be warned the pace of the forums is very fast sometimes and its easy to get addicted :mf_rosetinted:

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