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Salutations from the states


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Heyyy, guys!


My name is Kelly, I'm 18 and I live in Vermont.


I found out about Mika about a month or two ago, when a friend on livejournal kept talking about him and posting videos about him. I was like, "eh? What?" And then, not less than a week ago, a friend of mine posted a thread on another message board I frequent.


I was intrigued, so I saw the video on youtube for "Love Today," thought "Dude, what was that?" then watched it about four more times and I decided that I loved it. I then heard "Grace Kelly," and thought it was fantastic, and ran out and bought him album the very next day. How fun that my mother likes him too, haha.



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¡la camisa negra! ¡me gusta ese canción mucho!


¡yo soy de Estados Unidos también!


¡teniendo divertido aquí!


lo siento para mi español, yo soy aprendiendo.


since you liked that song i assumed you study spanish ¿yo soy verdad?


cuz if i'm not right, haha... sorry


but i basically said i love la camisa negra, i'm from usa too, and have fun here! and i also apologized for my spanish, cuz i'm learning, so it's very.. erm.. broken i guess, or gramatically bad at times. lol.


but welcome!

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