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problem in art - mika related tee


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soz, went bit wrong

any way... ive got to make a t shirt inspired by something (obvilously i chose mika) and im a pretty bad drawer so can any of you give me some doodles to get started?

im putting a hood on it if that helps.

ThAnX a BuNcH

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I think you should go and see the fan art threads..and if you like something PM to the artist!She/He might wil give you the permit to use that.

(my idea)

Or just ask and tell what would you like...we may can help! :D

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:blink: I made a few Mika style t shirts but this is going back a few weeks and well i havent had much time for art recently :blink:








wow thats realllly good


my quggestion would be to do like mika cogs or coulds and write ou this name, just make it look cartoony and fun, and im sure it'll come out fine

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