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MIKA and Calvin Harris


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I'm worried, he said he saw Scott Mills naked riding an elephant wearing a tutu. AAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!

That's an image I DON'T want in my head, please make it stop!

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roflmao!! what a guy...what a guy, Scott mills naked riding an elephant in a tutu....OMG this is not gonna be in his next show is it...OH NOOOO!!! too much too much ha ha:bleh:


(actually talking of elephants in tutus...take a look at my utube link. below..SCARY or what ha ha

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I wish i could help but I would have no idea how... so sorry Yoda. Does not even the youtube link on the previous page work for you? It's a small clip (out of the original one Calvin Harris put on his myspace page) ... I thought that usually works for most ....





Oh and :welcomeani: to the forums Jess :biggrin2:



Titania... Once again - very helpful my dear! Thank you!

I must've missed the YouTube link somehow.

But thanks to you pointing it out to me, I was able to see the video!

It was great! :biggrin2: Thank you again!





PS. Thanks also for the welcome!

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