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Hi from Canada


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Hi fellow Mika fans!


About a month ago I was waiting for the feature film to start at a movie theatre, and the most fabulously random video to the most fabulously wonderful song played - none other than Mika's "Grace Kelly". Came home, looked up the track on iTunes, and realized that I'd found a hidden treasure - the whole album is absolutely, mind-blowingly fantastic. From there I watched hours on hours of interviews and live performances...and fell madly, head-over-heels in love. Wow. Absolutely amazing! That voice! Those eyes! Those hands! Those lyrics! Hell, even his vocabulary charms me.


So, now I'm obsessed, and my fiance thinks I need therapy ;) Actually, I just need MIKA!!!


I found out he's going to be playing in LA a mere week after I'm going to be there on a holiday, and I almost had a heart attack. SUCH bad timing.


Anyhow, I'm glad I've found a community of Mika-obsessed people just like myself. Cheers, all!

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Welcome! Your discovery of the MIKA-Sensation sounds very similar to mine!

'cept of course, mine happened 6 months ago and I've gotten worse (my MIKA obsession, that is).


I'm so obsessed that I convinced my husband to drive me to MIKA's concert in Chicago for JUNE 11th - and I live in Toronto!!! (9 hours)


So, join the club of obsessed MIKA fans from all walks of life who know how to appreciate a wonderful thing when it comes along!

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Hey Lollipop Monkey - Welcome to the most fun place on the planet. Most of us here in mfc have a couple of things in common - we all LOVE LOVE Mika and we're all pretty crazy too! Makes for an interesting combo! We sure hope you will love your stay here - there are always fun people to talk to, great pics to look at, videos, etc. etc. The beautiful part, too, is that Mika transcends all race, gender, sexuality and age. He is just so mindblowingly amazing! And that voice......... heaven sent! And he's one wild and crazy guy!!!! :roftl:


So look around the site, check out the postings and if you have any questions

don't hesitate to ask anyone for anything. HAVE A BLAST! :blowup:



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