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To Summercase organizers... very upset!!!


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:blink: Ok.. I've started this thread becouse I was looking at the site of Summercase... (I'm willing to go)... I clicked on Mika's Name... and at the end of the information there was a link to hear his music... BUT!!! It's strange... it sound like Chill out... very relaxed music and at first sight it seems that Mika has 4 ALBUMS!!! BUT, WHAT'S GOING ON????


We'll, finally I understood what happened... THEY'VE CONFUSED OUR BELOVED MIKA with another singer... (Mika Sakamoto) What I don't understand is... Why?? A little bit of professionalism.. please!!! Some people don't know who really is Mika (Mika Penniman...) and the information you give is distorted!!

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