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Hello, Everyone! :B


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Hello, all you fellow Mika fans! It's pretty rad that we've got such a great outlet to express our love for such an amazing artist, isn't it? (: Anyways, so I'm supposed to say a little about myself, hm? I'm terrible at introductions, but I'll do my best.


My name is Nikki, I'm 19 and I'm from North Dakota. I go to NDSU and am currently enrolled as a sophomore (one year down - yay!). I'm majoring in music education and English education. So, yes, I'm thinking teaching, as nerdy as that makes me seem. I have a twin sister who also goes to NDSU (and coincidentally rooms with me - hehe) and also loves Mika's music. I'm sure she'll join here some time soon. (:


Obviously, I love music. Of all types, really. My favourites being pop, classical, rock, and, of course, Jrock/pop/basically anything (as in Japanese rock/pop/ etc) x3 Um... I was introduced to Mika's lovely music by my cousin, actually. She has a show on our college radio station, so she hears about all the new up-and-coming artists. She heard "Grace Kelly" one day and made me listen to it. And, really, the rest is history.


Anyways, I see that this is quite long enough, so I think I'll be done. No one really wants to hear so much about someone that they don't know. So if you want to know more or anything, just drop me a pm or send me an email. :3

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Aw, thanks, everyone!! This place is really fun, and I'm happy that you're all so very nice! <33


@Crina: Well, I never know how to answer that question ^^ I guess it's pretty neat to have a twin, but I don't know what it's like not being a twin, so it doesn't really feel like anything to me x3


@Queenie: Yes! I do like X-Japan. Although, I've only heard a few songs by them. They are classic, though. My favourite song is Dahlia. <3

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