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Hi. I am a new member with extra tickets.


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Hi. I have been trying to post, but I am not computer savvy...kinda dates me. :) I discovered Mika through a Queen site...wonder why. :thumb_yello: I heard part of Grace Kelly and was hooked. Living in the US, I had to pre-order a CD. I was so blown over when I heard it. :mfr_omg: Everyone who has celebrated a birthday, has received Mika's CD from me. A large portion of the country does not appreciate camp or anything that sounds different from the mainstream. I never hear his music on the radio. :mad3: I think that a big hit in the US would be "Stuck in the Middle." All of Mika's music shows his versatility. However, this song would stand out here. Mika has his own unique sound, but there is a bit of Billy Joel in that one...just to add to the list. I, as we all do, want him to make it BIG everywhere, including the US. Maybe then he will come to Capital District, NY, where I live. Now I will segue and inform you of extra tickets that are available for the Boston gig on June 13. I am so disappointed that I cannot go. :( Without getting into it, I am unable to drive long distances, and those who were going have backed out. Anyway, I have five tickets. If you are interested, please contact me privately. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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It's so nice to hear from others who are avid Mika fans. Because I'm older, people around me don't understand. I've introduced Mika's music to friends and family, and most like him. They just don't understand how I feel. I check out the stores for Mika's album. If I can't find it, I go to an employee and say, "Don't tell me that you're all out of Mika's CD!!!" They look around and then ask me what the CD is called. I tell them it should be ordered, and that he has already sold over a million albums. I am still bummed out about not going to Boston. :annoyed_h4h: I will try to get to NYC on August 10th.


By the way, the tickets I have are gratis. Please contact me privately if anyone is interested. This way I can get them out. :mail: If I don't get a response by tomorrow, I will go in a different direction with them.


Thanks again for your welcomes. :original:

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