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  1. Well, whatever...some people just take music FAR FAR FAR too seriously. People like it. People buy it. End of. Who is he to patronise people who enjoy music that isn;t to his paticular taste? Thats the main thing that annoys me about reviews.
  2. I think its really cool that he's in touch with his fans and what we think!! Hopefully knowing how much we appreciate his music will inspire him to carry on!! See u in Glasgow Mika !!! lol
  3. Am I right in saying that it will be 7pm for UK ers? Sitting counting on fingers here lol
  4. As on observation I think Perez has a problem with people who pretend to be something they aren't. Or who he believes to be doing this anyway. Since Mika is a very flamboyant and - dare I use the word- "camp" (lol) personality, I would imagine that for Perez to be going around talking about his sexuality would be like stating the obvious for a lot of people. Those people who have not read every interview that Mika has done, where he has explained that he does not talk about his sexuality, probably, and understandably so, might assume he was gay - I would. Don't hate me for this but I also think Mika is expecting this kind of speculation by refusing to talk about it. The gay community have obviously taken an interest - with all the press on gay websites and magazines, which is adding fuel to the fire. If he had said for the beginning whether he was gay/straight/bi/or whatever, it wouldnt be an issue. I do respect his privacy though, and it really doesn't matter to me either way, but I just think that for as long as he doesn't talk about it, there's always going to be that little mystery! Wow that was long! lol
  5. I could be wrong but I thought ET stood for Eastern time. As in East US? Since this is an American website and all. Although i still have know idea what time that translates as for us Europeans!
  6. I've listened to Erase loads today too, its really good!!! I think its the saddest out of the two - it reminds me of wen i was younger and I deleted my bofirends number off my phone cos he dumped me Twas very emotional lol!
  7. Erase is a brilliant song!!! It wouldnt fit on the album I don't think - I wouldnt automatically recognise it as Mika if i heard it on the radio - but i really like it!!
  8. I fell in love with Damien Rice's voice until i saw himand it took some of the magic away for me i'm sorry to say! Still good tho!
  9. Wow i'm surprised at all the rock lovers lol!!! Who would think that Mika and Metallica would go together in a record collection?! I ts definatley so much more interesting to have a diverse music taste tho imo!!! I always wonder how people who listen to nothing but a aparticular genre like heavy metal or hip hop don't end up chewing their own arms off with the monotony! Speaking of mixing genres (see that seamless link>?! lol) have u heard Kanye West's remix of This Aint A Scene by Fall Out Boy?? [url]http://www.purevolume.com/falloutboy[/url] Its interesting, but it kinda sounds to me like two different songs being played at the same time!! lol
  10. Ok I'm sure this has been posted before but...he's losing!! http://music.aol.com/franchise/breakers-2007/mika-corbin-bleu-young-love
  11. Good interview! Dodgy tracksuit tho lol
  12. Rosie Lou, your're from Wales "Yacky Dah!" sorry (I'm positive thats so not how you spell it lol!). You're obviously very artistic and big Mika fan...altho thats kind of a given lol!
  13. I saw that!! I always love that show!!!!
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