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  1. Hi Have a nice gig everyone 😉👍🏻 Going there tonight with my husband, we go to visit Utrecht now. BTW the wind is very cool and strong bbbbbrrrr
  2. Hi So ? Any new ideas for fan actions ? I have read @dcdeb's topic concerning MFC fan actions rules and I am am wondering if led balloons are not going to create a mess in that venue ? Can these balloons burn ? Normally yes like every normal balloon if you light it with a lighter, but not with a phone and not with the led system Inside We have tried some on New year's eve and they were really good quality and lighting for 3 days Moreover, I think we should specify people that they have to take their balloon back home with them I think Well,
  3. Et bien bonjour et bonne année à tous 🎊🍀💕 merci @skiwi @Güldane merci perso je ne vais pas à Caen ... belle initiative ceci dit 👌🏻 Et bon concert à vous 😉
  4. Yes funny idea ! But how can we manage to give signs random to people ? We don't even know if Mika is going in the crowd by the middle like tiny stage in London or by the side like big stages in Lille (on the left of the stage) or Paris (on the right I think)... It can be funny only if Mika sees the signs and follow the instructions 😉 In my opinion he wouldn't go down in the crowd Nevertheless a fan action especially during THIS song in the crowd would be terrific 👌 he obviously still loves that song Hello @Irin
  5. Oh I see @mellody unfortunately I can’t go to that one or my husband’s going to strangle me 🤭 I have already managed to offer him a city trip in Amsterdam for Christmas just before the first Utrecht gig 🤣 and he must attend that show with me 🤣 He is so happy 😂
  6. Hello I can buy normal balloons too 😉 but that will be a lot of balloons + Mika’s balloons too 😉 That is not yet Valentine’s week for that gig but Mika loves our hearts... Wish we could find any soectacular idea like the doves or planes for that gig too 😉 But young french fans were really helpful in that action : most of them are studying and had time to build up things...😉 Maybe we should print up something like « we love Revelation Tour » or so ? 🤔 Still got no ideas 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I will have my car and can bring a lot of stuff...
  7. Hello Don’t know why I have received a notification saying I was mentionned by @mellody in that thread 🤷🏼‍♀️ There must be a bug on MFC’s forum because I am not even going to Strasbourg’s gig 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣🤣🤣 Good idea for your glowing hearts balloons and the « Stay High ! Thank you ! » signs by the way 😉👍🏻
  8. Oh right then I can buy 90 of them if I find it on the french website 😉
  9. Hi Yes nice idea for the led ballons but they are quite expensive. My husband bought some in a hypermarket yesterday for New Years's eve and he has paid 4 euros for 5 balloons ... Not sure we could buy a lot of them Like in other shows, 2 fan actions would be good... I think about another idea but, as it has been a problem to use papers in Paris ... so I don't know what to suggest, actually
  10. Hi @mellody I understand your son don’t really want to come to Lux Honestly I was normally taking my 13 years daughter only because my friend Macboll could not come and my daughter had already been to another seated gig with me in AccorHotels Arena where she was fine. But, standing there was different. And queueing was freezing ⛄️💨 And moreover, people felt on the floor just next to me because Mika had thrown his shirt 🤷🏼‍♀️ It could have been dangerous... That is maybe possible standing with 1,60 m teenager but not a 5 years child... Even if they have g
  11. Hi It’s going to be my next Mika’s gig. So, what fan actions do we plan this time ? The hearts and papers « We’ve missed you » were top in London 👍🏻 In Lille MIKA enjoyed our pompons and doves 🕊 😉 In Paris, he was really moved by the planes, Andy came with the dogs to say so and say thank you for MIKA 😉 I think he liked the coloured papers even as they were fewer than expected... Any good ideas ? One month left 😉
  12. @Axie Dentelle : Oui je vais très bien, merci 👍🏻 Mes 3 enfants sont ados maintenant, 2 filles, 1 garçon : 15, 13 et 11 ans. J’étais enceinte de mon fils au Parc des Princes. Cela me fait plaisir que tu te souviennes de moi, j’étais avec ma copine Macboll (Muriel) à cette époque. On faissit les 400 coups mais sagement, en tant que mamans qui travaillent... Elle m’a accompagnée au concert de Lille mais a dû se désister pour Bercy demain malheureusement. J’ai parcouru un peu le monde moi aussi pour Mika : Brighton, Madrid et Londres (le mois dernier), Belgique, Luxem
  13. Hi I spent the day in Disney’´s in Paris it was freezing because of a cold wind... Then the wind went down by 21h30... Bring some gloves they were usefull friday 😉 Today little visit in Paris... Sunday.... tomorrow yes 👍🏻😀 Don’t know how I will carry my 1000 sheets of paper, that’s so heavy😅
  14. Salut à tous Vivement dimanche ! Qui vient ? @Axie Dentelle bonjour on s’est déjà rencontrées du temps du cirque d’hiver en 2009 et peut-être en 2010, j’espère que tu vas bien après toutes ces années et les aléas de la vie, tu avais eu des soucis de santé assez graves 😉 aussi suis-je contente de te savoir en forme et toujours fan de Mika 😀 Les fans que tu connais ne postent quasiment jamais sur le MFC, plutôt sur Mikafrance ou Mikawebsite. Je suis inscrite partout, je connais un petit peu tout le monde. Mais je ne suis pas très active ici, sauf en périod
  15. Hi I went to a shop and bought 200 of each color I will be definitely standing in the crowd and hope to join the queue in the afternoon maybe before 2 pm (it depends on my daughter but I will motivate her to go there early if necessary ) I hope I will be able to distribute the coloured papers for the crowd - it will be definitely a mix up of colors because it is too complicated to organize otherwise... Maybe mark my place, try to reach front queue and see people in the front queue before me and tell them what to do... then go back to my place 🤷🏼‍♀️
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