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  1. Bonne anniversaire


    Autumn Bright Bouquet

    1. Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Anna Ko Kolkowska

      Joyeux anniversaire Valerie :yay::yay::yay:




    2. Sweetieval


      Thank you @silverand @Anna Ko Kolkowskafor your kind birthday wishes :blush:


      That's very kind of you ! See you in Paris Anna :) don't know for Silver ?


  2. Hello Thanks for organizing that meeting 👍🏻 That’s cool 😉 I send the payment for 2 persons (my friend Macboll MFCer and me) See you there 👍🏻👌🏻😀
  3. Yes I know Joëlle but I was rather thinking that there would be some Mika ´s music somewhere else like before or after the cruise as Deb had suggested a lunch after the cruise and before the gig 😉 I am just thinking it won’t be easy to find a big place to eat or have a drink all together because of social distancîng Apparently in restaurants there are only 6 persons tables 🤷🏼‍♀️ Not sure about that though
  4. Hello I am always back here a few weeks before a Mika’s gig and some of you know me 😉 I have been following Mika in gigs since 2008. Unfortunately, I have no time to read the all thread and I have noticed in the last few pages sometihîng about « white sneakers » 🤔 Would somebody kindly explain me what you suggest for the show please ? Many thanks ! Honestly, I think think that place is symbolic in a more « classical musical world » and that we should ve rather be « smart dressed up » 😉 So maybe nice black dress but white Converse 🤭🤣🤣🤣 No… it does not matter because Mika won’t see our feet anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
  5. Honestly I remember the setlist was just perfect at the MFC meeting in London in 2019, don’t remember whether that was @mellody’s ? Or @Statue_of_Liberty’s ? It does not really matter because we love most of Mika’s songs 😉😍😂
  6. Hi everyone Wonderful logo indeed 👌🏻Bravo Thanks @Cerise @dcdeb, I am going to send you the money asap, I am waiting for Macboll’s answer to know if she’s got a PayPal account… Edit : payment sent for both of us 😉👍🏻
  7. Bonjour le thread français Je suis très peu sur le MFC mais je reviens régulièrement quand Mika a des concerts qui approchent 😉 Anne ta réponse m’a sauté aux yeux car c’est exactement comme ça que j’ai découvert Mika 🥰 Je faisais la vaisselle dans la cuisine quand j’ai entendu une chanson qui me plaisait à la TV. Je suis venue dans le salon pour voir qui était ce groupe et quelle ne fut pas ma surprise de découvrir un magnifique jeune homme manifestement seul avec des bouclettes 🤭 Mon coeur a fondu immédiatement 😀❤️❤️❤️ Sinon comment va la partie française du forum et qui va aux concerts à Paris ? Moi je vais aux 2 avec ma collègue de travail et amie, Mikafan depuis le début, Muriel, alias Macboll 😉
  8. Hello everybody 😀 Hey woooo awesome idea that tour on the Seine indeed 👍🏻Thanks Deb 🙏🏻 I am in of course ! I would be in also if you propose a lunch 👍🏻 And that is with my friend Macboll - she is no more active on MFC but still a Mika Fan so you can count one more person😉 (I don’t know if she will register I have clicked on « single person » because she is a MFCer and we are going to the shows together)
  9. Hello, Sorry Hero, I can't find the plan any more... Eventually got the tickets for 3 of us MFcers it took me 2h30 Good luck to everyone
  10. Hi Have a nice gig everyone 😉👍🏻 Going there tonight with my husband, we go to visit Utrecht now. BTW the wind is very cool and strong bbbbbrrrr
  11. Hi So ? Any new ideas for fan actions ? I have read @dcdeb's topic concerning MFC fan actions rules and I am am wondering if led balloons are not going to create a mess in that venue ? Can these balloons burn ? Normally yes like every normal balloon if you light it with a lighter, but not with a phone and not with the led system Inside We have tried some on New year's eve and they were really good quality and lighting for 3 days Moreover, I think we should specify people that they have to take their balloon back home with them I think Well, I would like to be sure whether we bring some or not please ? Because I have found 50 balloons for 19,99 euros on french Amazon (good quality ones) and would like to order 2 packs of them, don't want to waste money for nothing Still looking for some other fan action but quite afraid of doing something bad now
  12. Et bien bonjour et bonne année à tous 🎊🍀💕 merci @skiwi @Güldane merci perso je ne vais pas à Caen ... belle initiative ceci dit 👌🏻 Et bon concert à vous 😉
  13. Yes funny idea ! But how can we manage to give signs random to people ? We don't even know if Mika is going in the crowd by the middle like tiny stage in London or by the side like big stages in Lille (on the left of the stage) or Paris (on the right I think)... It can be funny only if Mika sees the signs and follow the instructions 😉 In my opinion he wouldn't go down in the crowd Nevertheless a fan action especially during THIS song in the crowd would be terrific 👌 he obviously still loves that song Hello @Irina Samoylova although I love the cyrillic way of writing, would it be possible for you to translate your message in english please ? We are not english but this is the language we use to communicate together 😉... Thanks you - Spasiba !
  14. Oh I see @mellody unfortunately I can’t go to that one or my husband’s going to strangle me 🤭 I have already managed to offer him a city trip in Amsterdam for Christmas just before the first Utrecht gig 🤣 and he must attend that show with me 🤣 He is so happy 😂
  15. Hello I can buy normal balloons too 😉 but that will be a lot of balloons + Mika’s balloons too 😉 That is not yet Valentine’s week for that gig but Mika loves our hearts... Wish we could find any soectacular idea like the doves or planes for that gig too 😉 But young french fans were really helpful in that action : most of them are studying and had time to build up things...😉 Maybe we should print up something like « we love Revelation Tour » or so ? 🤔 Still got no ideas 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I will have my car and can bring a lot of stuff...
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