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  1. Great idea that lighted sheets of paper ! I have seen it once in Stade de France but the sheets were organized and placed on the seats by the band themselves (Indochine LGBT 🏳️‍🌈 friendly french band 😉) We won’t manage to organize that in the standing area unfortunately 🤷🏼‍♀️ On which song does the big Mika’s heart inflate ? Isn’t it on « Origin of Love » ? If so, people will have a lot of things to look at ... Because I think this action would work perfectly on « Tomorrow » as well which is a perfect message of hope and love for LGBT friends too 👍🏻😉 What do you think ?
  2. Et oui et oui fan action bien-sûr je participe @Anna Ko Kolkowska 😉👍🏻
  3. Me with Macboll and some other MFCers I have met in LaCigale or London Happy to see you again little belgian girl 😉
  4. All right then thanks to @Statue_of_Liberty yes I haven’t mentioned her but thanks also Saskia for nice decoration and for having welcomed us as well 👍🏻
  5. Can’t manage to edit my first message to say that it was a pity that you could not afford to get to the party and the show @dcdeb Thanks to @mellody who organized things very well as well Tell me something : who has brought the « ice cream lights » next to the buffet ?? It was nice 👌🏻 Thanks also to all MFCers who have participated to the sheets of paper and the hearts that we cut 👍🏻 The effect was pretty good and I have noticed that Mika was moved. We have reached him straight to his heart ❤️, for sure 👌🏻
  6. Picture with @Anna Ko Kolkowska and her friend Zlata from Czech Republic as well pic with my new MFC friend @XaviMarc , my new child which I have adopted at the party 😁 and the italian waiter who was very cool »Vincenzo »
  7. Hi Thanks for the flowers picture @dcdeb and good idea for the champagne 👍🏻 Thanks to all people involved in the organization of this party and thanks Mika for the beverages 👍🏻 I don’t know if he got our champagne but we got his and it was really good 🥂🍾 I have a video of us dancing on « Rain » and 2 or 3 pics FF3E507A-36F4-4769-8065-50AFD646CFC4.MOV
  8. To all fans going to Barcelona : enjoy your gig 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😉😉😉 Hope it is going to be as good as it was on London, where I just got by home 2 hours ago...awesome english xl weekend for me 😉 So put that venue on fire por favor 👌🏻😉
  9. Hi from the queue I have distributed the hearts and papers to standing people queue and gave them instructions 😉 Enjoy the gig, all of you 👍🏻😘
  10. That was a nice evening indeed, thank you MFC 👍🏻 I have loved to talk to many of you there 👍🏻 And enjoyed a whole night in London : now I am going to rest a bit 😉
  11. Yes, that’s me 😉 @Sabine64 ok we may have a chance to meet in Paris or Luxembourg then. Take care 😘 You know MFCers : I was happy to meet many of you yesterday 👍🏻 The MFC party was good, we had fun but too short IMO We have distributed nearly everything for the gig : my bag is much lighter today 👍🏻 I won’t be that early at the venue today because I had a real epic night in London after the party, OMG 🤭😆 I have finished the evening walking down in London with my new friend Xavier which is an MFCer and a Londoner, he made me visiting London by night and by foot : that was great 👍🏻 Then, and I don’t know how we ended up in a gay friendly bar. Xavier had to go home by 1 o’clock because he is only 17 and I have stayed there because I have missed 2 Uber courses, I got lost so I have decided to go back to the bat where there was a show : a man dressed up in woman and that was so good...👍🏻😁 And, then, I ended up with a couple of Autsralian guy and a Latvian girl, both very kind but completely crazy and we have finished in a casino 😁 fortunately I have managed not to play 🤣 What an amazing evening for me, being 46 years old and discovering things you can not even imagine when you are from a little French village like I am 🤭🤭🤣🤣 So the evening was funny but I am having breakfast in my hotel and then go to sleep, it took me ages to come back here by underground, eventually 🤦🏼‍♀️😅 And I do need to sleep 😅 See you tonight 😉😘 Have a nice queuing for those who queue 😉 😘
  12. Thanks Sabine 👍🏻 Wish you were here too 🤷🏼‍♀️ Have a nice weekend So I am on my way to the pub ... slowly but surely... 😉
  13. Thanks for the weather forecast @silver 👍🏻 but it sounds wet 😁 Well yes I guess I will have to be queuing a bit... don’t know if they will put some barriers because it is short in front of the entrance... and you have 3 different ones... Maybe are they organizing a queue in the park just in front ? Like they did on the middle pavement in La Cigale, Paris...🤔 ?
  14. Hello from cold rainy London 😉 @mellody hope you still have warm clothes because it’s quite cold, the rain has just started a few minutes ago 🙄 @Anna Ko Kolkowska incredible the number of hearts that we will reach 👌🏻👍🏻😁 also from people from Facebook’ s group it sounds good 👍🏻 @Mikasister thanks Alba for your good wishes 👍🏻 Just like you, I wish I could be in Barcelona in 2 days, I would have the chance maybe to have a longer chat with you because my husband is not with me this time (not like in Madrid in 2015 🙄) But he is so angry that I have escaped for 4 days to see Mika 🙄 Well, I don’t care, life is short and life is right now 😁 I have already met 3 kind italian girls in front of the venue, they will be at the party tonight. Have a nice weekend MFCers 👍🏻
  15. You know I was in the same mood between my 2 first gigs and brought a lot of stuff to the second one 😉 Yes Mika is giving so much to his audience that you can only get caught by him IMO The only one who is not moved by any Mika’s show is.... my husband... 🤣