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  1. Hello Mfcers @tgwktm yes Paypal took me some fees (french account) 😉 @dcdeb Hi money sent for party this time 😉
  2. Hi Thanks @dcdeb and admins for organizing everything. It looks nice and everybody can decide what they want to drink. You have chosen the best option IMO 😉👍🏻 I sent you some money via PayPal for the flowers but I have forgotten the money for the party 🤷🏼‍♀️ Well, sorry I got confused because my currency is Euro and I had to pay you in US dollars 🙄 Well, could you help me telling me how many US dollars I have to send now to pay the 10 £ for the party ? Paypal is taking fees everytime... maybe is it possible that I give you the 10 £ over there at the party ? No pb if I have to go through Paypal again, otherwise 😉 Merci 😘 Another question : around what time will that start please ? 😁
  3. Hey hey Catherine contente que tu m’aies écrit 😉 Dommage que tu n’aies pas vu Mika après mais contente que tu l’aies vu en concert : ça fait du bien 👍🏻😉 Moi aussi serais très contente de te revoir 😉 Antoine sera au concert du 22/12 avec Béa (en gradins) et pour Muriel, j’attends confirmation de sa part. Ce n’est pas sûr qu’elle vienne bien que nous ayions déjà les billets en fosse. Je ne sais plus quel âge a ta fille et, si elle n’est pas trop petite, pourquoi pas en fosse... Si Muriel ne vient pas, ma fille de 13 ans la remplacera peut-être. Je l’ai emmenée à plusieurs concerts dont Bercy et le Stade de France (mais toujours en gradins car elle était petite à l’époque et elle est comme maman : elle adore ça 😉 et elle aime Mika aussi) Ce qui m’inquiète avec elle, c’est l’attente pré concert, elle va trouver ça « long » Je vais essayer de convaincre Muriel de venir en bus ou en train car, à l’origine, on devait y aller ensemble mais j’ai décidé de passer plusieurs jours chez mon frère de Paris avec ma mère et mes enfants... du coup, la voiture est complète et nous serons là le vendredi. Béa peut qd même ramener Muriel après le show et si j’ai ma voiture, je peux vous déposer à votre hôtel, comme après le Casino de Paris 😉 Je vois rarement Mika en festivals l’été car il m’est difficile de poser des congés comme je veux à cette période (et oui je bosse dans le tourisme 🤷🏼‍♀️ et c’est chargé niveau clients) Bises à toi ainsi qu’à tous les Mfcers francophones
  4. @Anna Ko Kolkowska I wish I had a car, I would come and pick you up 😉 Uber seems to be more expensive than a cab, unless you share it with someone ?
  5. Hello MFCers Have we got some news of the MFC party so far ? Night before the gig ? Before gig ? After ? I am in for any possibility because I will be there from Saturday till tuesday 😉 Thanks I can’t wait to meet you all 😉
  6. Oh and I had made some papers for La Cigale gig but haven’t had enough time to finish them I have just showed this one during « Tiny Love » :
  7. I have no idea Anna. But the man I have spoken to in my hotel told me the cost for a taxi between St Pancrace Station and Shepherd’s Bush was roughly 30-40 £ I guess it would be approximately the same from Heathrow or more. I don’t know when you arrive in London but maybe they apply a weekend price, also ? He told me the tube was like 3,20 or 3,40 £ maybe that would be better for you ?
  8. Well... don’t know In Paris he was happy with fans holding their white papers written « My name is ... /////// » I hadn’t had one : I was holging another one drawn « Tiny Love, Huge Step » ... I will show it to you if I manage to take a picture tomorrow 😉 From the 4th row, the paper heart lighted with phones were not that shiny I have to say 🤷🏼‍♀️ ... 😉
  9. Oooh thanks a lot @Happymika_by_celine for sharing the all show with us 👍🏻 @Anna Ko Kolkowska thanks for your nice comment, you are a kind and interesting person too 👍🏻 I am happy to meet you again in London Well, I am still on my cloud 😍 the Mikaïne is still running in my head and I am listening to the all album all day long. I don’t skip no songs, although « Dear Jalousy » is the one I like the less. But « Paloma » is my fav 🕊 and « Blue » I love it, it is clearly a prayer sang like in a church 🎼 »Paloma » makes me dance like in gospel choir too 😁 And « Stay High » makes me feel like in a dancing comedy withTravolta, it remembers me the 60’s
  10. Thanks for sharing that lovely pictures 👍🏻 They are very nice 😉 Mine would not be loaded from my phone, I think there is only one on the post gig thread 🤷🏼‍♀️
  11. My pics from the gig (not a lot, full storage 🙄) the light was not good to take pics
  12. Yes they were standing behind the disabled people on the left of the stage and Mrs Penniman was seating there ( I haven’t seen if she was in a wheelchair or standard chair) I was standing in the crowd maybe 4th row on the left side. Just after the first part, I had looked to the left and was wondering myself why Mika was standing there in a pink t shirt 🤭 I suddenly realized that it was Fortuné 🤣 It is crazy how much he looks like Mika 😁 I daren’t looked at them after that because I know they don’t like that (well just a quick glance to Fortuné which is really handsome from far away 😉 One day, a few years ago, he was standing next to me in the street after a gig and I have to admit that he becomes nicer and nicer 🤭) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Concerning the show : That was a f-/ing good gig and I was missing that Mikaïne so much 😋 My phone was full during Happy Ending so I have just enjoyed the song and started to cry (always on that song which is one of my favorite’s ever 😍) But the new songs are very very good live. Tiny Love and Tomorrow where 😍😍😍 I will try to post you some pics and vids (if I manage to do that here, never easy from my phone) After the gig I have missed to see Mika because I was gone back to my car for a few minutes, what a pity. He has just passed quickly, apparently and picked up some gifts quickly, too. Mine are still in their gift box 🤷🏼‍♀️🤭 But, after that, I have met some kind MFCers in a café and they were really nice welcoming and I am happy not to be shy and having dared to go to join them. I am also happy to see some of them in London like @Anna Ko Kolkowska Concerning the fans : We had a passionated discussion about fans who queue and those who think they are priority people because they have seen Mika numerous times after his tv shows like The Voice in France. I keep saying to all of them that there is no priority fan, nowhere 🤷🏼‍♀️ Of course, some of us got some advantage from time to time (like invitations in private shows or private meet and great, in the past) After all, should I be a better fan because I have been loving him since Grace Kelly ? following him since 2008 ? NO 🤷🏼‍♀️ And I don’t go nowhere when he does not sing (apart from Musée Grévin where there was a speech and a party and I had have the chance to be invited) If I could, I would, of course but I work and live far from Paris. For that and the numerous autographs I have, and having talked to him several times and danced with him on stage as a Big Girl, I could pretend too that I am a better fan but I won’t. Never 👎🏻 I keep the door opened to welcome new fans and can’t stand those selfish people 😝 Everybody should do the same. I told them that I love Mika for his art and music and not his tv shows like The Voice in France. They go there, they look at his back for hours and talk with him for 5 minutes, after 🤷🏼‍♀️ Then, they think he knows them and, consequently, he likes them better. But that is false 👎🏻 Before the gig, while waiting in the crowd, I have texted with a french webmaster (website about Mika since 2007) and he thinks that Mika has been lost for a few years between tv shows, advertising for cars or pens or tv shows in Italy. I have tried to convince him that the artist is still there, the proof is that new album which is a pure jewell to me 😉 He was hard fan but he has not listened to the new album yet 🤷🏼‍♀️ He must keep his faith in Mika 🙏🏻 I told him 😉 Concerning the queue : I don’t see the point of queuing for ages for such a tiny venue 🙄 The man who parked his car next to me in the car park has gone to the queue with his family and has been given number 95 around 4.45 pm I have reached the queue around 6.30, got no number and he was standing just next to me in the crowd 🤭🤣 Queuing is only good to chat with fans when you can move around. I have said hello and a quick chat to hard old fans which where queuing first rows because this queue was in the middle of a pavement, but have not had the chance to meet them after the gig 🤷🏼‍♀️ Mika was gone, so they were gone, too. Sorry for that long message but I don’t know where to express myself on the forum and I needed to write it, somewhere 😉
  13. Bonne Anniversaire :partytime2:

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      Have a lovely day, Valerie!  smilie_geb_050.gif


  14. Eventually I will be late because I am still home 🙄 will be there around 16 or 17 😉