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  1. Hello, Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I agree 100%. I thought they had the perfect mix of actual concert-like feel, and behind-the-scenes footage. I kept turning to my friend and whispering, "omg this is LIVE" because it sounds SO incredible. With great fitness, it's possible to keep up the dancing, but keeping a VOICE through your 50's is ASTOUNDING. He honestly sounded better than he did at the Bucharest Concert in '92 that I have on DVD. They also captured cute little moments where he just interacted with Kenny, or the dancers. Most of all you could just tell that he was SO dedicated. He poured himself into this tour. It was pure magic.
  3. Did anyone else go see the movie at it's premiere?? We were at the theater three hours early and the line didn't form until an hour before. Oh well, it was a great night. Reviews???
  4. HA! This is great. I've always heard "peaceful underwear" even though I knew it was something else. I remember even when we just had the little 30 second iTunes preview clips before the album came out, I always heard "peaceful/blissful underwear".
  5. ha. Thanks you guys. No problem. Yeah, i was pretty happy that they were favorable to him, cause many aren't And DarkAngel (sorry, I lurk around here enough I should really know everyone's names by now!) I like that quote that you shared. Gotta love it when other famous people can recognize and appreciate Mika's genius!
  6. I was reading this cracked article on Freddie Mercury today (lots of... adult language, it IS a humor site after all - consider yourself warned) and at the end they compiled a chart of people who have been compared to Freddie Mercury. They included: why they've been compared, how they're similar, and a "verdict." I thought Mika might pop up on the list, and, preparing for the worst, was actually happy with the comparison they gave him! I thought they'd rip him apart, but it's favorable comparison, without accusing him of being a Mercury copy cat. Mika's an incredible artist in his own right, and while I know everyone gets a little tired of the comparison, it's still quite an honor to be even considered somewhat comparable to Mercury's magic! So i just thought this was an interesting read. Here's a screenshot of the first part of that chart (Mika got the highest similarity rating (4 out of 5 mustaches ) out of everyone on the chart) I was was talking about. Enjoy!
  7. What's the URL for that one? Sounds cute Edit: nevermind. You added it. Thanks!
  8. Last night I had one of those: "Mika is your best friend" kind of dreams. I think those may be my very favorite. I mean, while I'd definitely not oppose being more than friends with him , there's something really sweet about being close friends and just goofing off with him.
  9. Definitely definitely. That's the first thing I noticed! I think it' spectacular - that way it's not lost! And I always thought the idea of "I See You," (especially after hearing him describe it on the radio interviews) is very similar to that glorious forbidden track. Love it!
  10. I don't know if this has posted, but my friend just showed me this link. It's absolutely fantastic!! Very magical.
  11. *bump* Does anyone know if any of the mods have talked to Mika's team about this? I mean, every article that i read (besides naively doubting Mika's abilities ) only mentions that they are "in talks" with Mika. Or that they are "considering" him. I don't want to get my hopes up about this, but let's face it, I already have!
  12. Okay, my thoughts aren't much different from the amazing praises and reviews that have already been offered, but I have watched it approximately 3.6 million times since (was it just yesterday?) it came out and just wanted to share one of my favorite moments: The way he scrunches up his eyebrows form 1:44-1:46 when he sings, "I was a boy". LOVE that! Seriously. The look of concern... idk something is just so genuine and... intimate about it. LOVE. Also, does anyone else think that this must have been the most exhausting video in the history of modern music to make? I mean, you figure they had him mouthing the entire song in each of the different outfits/scenarios, and then just chose highlights to splice together. That PLUS all the swinging and jumping (and flexing:roftl: ) must have been quite the workout. Perhaps the rehearsals alone were enough to get in shape for the vid!
  13. I had the same problem until I downloaded the WMP components for Quicktime! Just download this and then make sure you have the latest version of quicktime and you should be golden.
  14. Me neither. I've got a Mac, and no Windows Media player (obviously) . Does anyone know how I can watch it with Quicktime maybe? Or is this the only link available so far?
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