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  1. Hey,


    Voor een nieuwe reclamespot zijn wij op zoek naar mika fanclubs of fans. Zou je mij hiermee kunnen verder helpen en mij eventueel kunnen antwoorden via mail?

    Mijn e-mail is mirjam.devreese@caviarcontent.com




  2. Heya! Welcome to MFC =D Have fun (en misschien tot de 11e)
  3. Sign me up =D...still possible? =P Oh...just read some pages...don't think it's still possible..
  4. That would be great But I'm going with some friends..but they aren't a member of this forum..I think that's no problem, right? And what about that flashing hearts? hihi..missed that part I think
  5. I think we all should do something together.. (I have NO idea what we should do..but something..)
  6. I have tickets I have tickets I have tickets :biggrin2: I sooooooooooo can't wait
  7. Grace Kelly for sure!!! I fell in love with Mika when I saw that video..It was my first 'Mika-experience' lol I love Love Today..and the other ones..but..Grace Kelly is deffo my fav:biggrin2:
  8. Heeya! Mika rulezzz!! hihi Welcome to MFC and have fun
  9. Heeya! Welcome to MFC and have fun
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