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  1. Hi everyone! It has many months since I've been on the Mika Fan Club website. I still am huge fan of Mika I am looking forward to meeting new fans and being reaquainted with old ones. Yours Truely, Dominique
  2. I LOVE MCR! I have been a fan of them for almost 2 years. I really like the song I'm Not Okay (I Promise) and the whole Black Parade album. I don't want to totally "geek out" on y'all, but some of their songs will be on Guitar Hero 2 and/or 3 for the 360 or PS3 or somthin' like that, which is AWESOME! Sorry about that geek out, I tend to do that sometimes. Anyways, I can't decide if I like Fall Out Boy more though.
  3. soooo true! that and shootings in my part of town.
  4. I was born in 1994. But I liked the tv show like the Snorks, Transformers and such.
  5. I claim: Bam Margera Steve-O Johnny Knoxville Mexico Adrian Grenier
  6. Even though I just graduated from 6th grade at this Quaker school and am going to a new school, me and my friend Ian were the wierd emo kids who sat alone talking about how much life sucks. I am a huge reject.
  7. hi Sakina! Welcome to the MFC. pm me if you need anything
  8. Hi Daniel! Welcome to MFC! Have fun!
  9. This isn't the offical fanclub already? Ohwell! Sign me up too! *yay*
  10. I do that also and usually most of the good things happen w/ my friends and they all join in on the kachiiiiinnnnnga!!!!
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