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  1. Did some people actually accuse YOU of doing something wrong!?! People need to stop getting so worked up before they even know what is going on. No MFCer did anything wrong nor anyone else for that matter. It's really one huge misunderstanding. Basically John and the Mika people had thought that we'd only been giving numbers to MFCers all along. So when they discovered yesterday that that was not the case they told us to change the system so the MFCers got in the very first and the rest of the numbered people after us. I think the MFCers who were there before they stopped giving out numbers were about 15(?) And then several of us became BG/LG so I think they just ended up being 8-9 MFCers who got in with the numbered people in the end. (Mind you there were several MFCers who got to the venue late and, as right should be, they did not get numbers nor priority before the non-MFCer people with numbers.) I felt sorry for the two french girls who got bumped from the first spots to about 13 as well. But at that big venue it made no difference. And since several MFCers became BG/LG, I think the non-MFCer numbered people actually ended up having slightly better numbers in the end than they did when they first arrived. Or at the very least, they got their initial number back. Ie before they changed and made two priority queues. (Apart from a couple of stray MFCers with larger numbers, all the other MFCers were there first and held the first spots from the very beginning anyway. Excluding numbers 1 and 2, as previously stated.) And about the whole made up "need to show badges thing" NO, we did not! John simply asked if we would know who was an MFCer and who was not and he got told that yes, most of the time we do. And even if we don't, we could always just check their said forum name on the MFC right there on the spot. Simple as. One could think it unfair that the numbered thing will benefit MFCers first and other fans second. But as John said, "Then join the MFC!". Anyway it is just a mouse-click away and you don't even have to post anything... Basically it's a way of attracting new fans to Mika's offical forum - to promote us! AND give the members some perks for being.. well, members. Now what's so wrong about that? And again. Sariflor doesn't need defending and shouldn't even have to explain herself. Why? She and I and everyone else were just queueing nicely (from 7 friggin am!) until the representatives for the owner of this forum came and told the people, who actually were organising the numbers, to make some slight changes. And those people JUST did what they were told. Don't throw stones when no stones are to be thrown and ffs don't throw them in the wrong direction.
  2. Ok that's pretty funny Shame this didn't get recorded though.
  3. I think KP makes sense too. It could very well be two people but it could also be the same one that's changed. Katy (Katheryn) Hudson --> Katy Perry
  4. Sounds about right Ungrateful Swedes. Or worse, ungrateful reserved Swedes. I'm actually amazed how he can keep the energy up with such little response from the crowd. He was damn lucky to have you guys there. That would undoubtedly be the best gig ever for both us and him! Oh imagine the energy. Dead fish Could be could be
  5. Först läste jag det som 'skräll' Men nog hade det också vart rätt passande GO SWEDEN GO VIKINGS
  6. Way to go haha! That's what I feared. Even if tiny venue, what are the odds spotify premium people, living in Stockholm or nearby and who got tickets for free, would be proper fans? Ok, sure, there must've been some of them in the crowd. But from that short clip most just seemed to be moderately interested. (And by moderately I mean they were atleast facing the stage. )
  7. Oh no Me too me too *crosses fingers* If people didn't dance they had plenty of time to take videos. cannot waiiit (to hear the random brain talk ) Btw what songs did he perform at the gig?
  8. Oh jeesh those girls Thanks though, it's always something Edit: Why are people not dancing or anything?
  9. *sucks up to Lollipopski's friend* *fjäsk fjäsk* I hope Lollipopski's friend is my opposite and known for her(?) speed. Lollipopski's friend is the most popular and sought after (non)member of the forum at this very moment I'd say. Yes, I love saying Lollipopski's friend.
  10. Brain programme? What the heck Mika. I guess he must've known that doctor was going to be there
  11. Oh so that's where Sariflor got the brain thing from. WHAT A NIGHT!!! Btw how many were you in total?
  12. WOAH!!! AMAZING!!!!! Lollipop girl AND backup/co singer. Dang it you lucky!!
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