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  1. I'm fine thanks. I'm happy to hear that you're ok.

  2. Hello, Sarah! :D I'm fine, thanks. I've been rather lost for the last month or so, but I'm still alive and kicking, lol. How are you? I'm glad to hear from you; we haven't talked since I decided to deactivate my Facebook account (wish I could delete it, but seemingly that's not possible). How are you? Gosh, it's been so long!

  3. Awww... thanks so much for this! Almost everyone else has said this already, but heck, I mean it: you are sooo sweet! Thank you. Lourdes Aráoz Argentina
  4. ¡Lauu! :D Bieeen, por suerte. Acabo de volver del trabajo y quería pegarle una miradita a las crónicas sobre el show de LA. ¡Me quiero matarrrr! ¿Por qué no estábamos ahí? :( Parece que fue increíble y que todos pudieron hablar con Mika. Creo que me moriría, en su lugar.

    ¿Vos cómo andás? ¡Hace años que no tengo vida, por culpa del laburo!

  5. OMG. I've died and I'm in heaven. HE LOOKS SO FRIGGING FANTASTIC! (I'm sorry, but I needed to share this).
  6. lourrr

    hace tanto que no te veo conectadaaa

    como andas?

  7. Welcome! Hope you have a fantastic time around here.
  8. You are right. The "for the next few months" part seems to signify we'll have to wait a rather... longish time for the new album to be released. Maybe the sole purpose of Mikasounds is, at the moment, keeping alive the fan's interest on Mika's next cd, even though the progress made be very little. After all, letting your fans know what you are up to, each day, gives them the impression you are constantly moving. Anyhow... I prefer to wait a little longer for a brilliant new album rather than Mika releasing a mediocre, though earlier, one. But let's be sincere: I don't think he'd ever release something mediocre. It was just a form of speech, lol.
  9. I want to take part, please! Am I still on time? Just in case: Name: Lourdes MFC Username: lazy_daisy Country: Argentina Personal message for Mika: Mister Mica Penniman, you must come to South America (specially to Argentina, *coughs*) and the Asia Pacific Region! It's an order! (I've always wanted to say that, LOL). If you don't come, millions of fans will keep dreaming of attending one of your shows and hallucinating you in every anonymous street, on every indifferent and ordinary bus and wherever a tall, curly haired person happens to cross their paths. Now, don't you care about our mental health? Love, Lourdes
  10. jajaajaj Recien lo leo!! que mal lo mioo!!!


    un beso grande!!

    yo tambien te quiero uoooo lour te quiero uooo



  11. Hello Lazy daiiiiisy!!!! la primera en saludar?


    besotes nena, y avisame para cuando vamos al juzgado para iniciar los tramites para el juicio a Eva.

  12. Hello! :) Welcome to MFC!

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