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    hello there!

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    I love technology and I want to work for Apple developing iPhones!

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  1. @TeeMarie I'm going to turn 14 in a couple months Any time I'm upset I like to listen to Mika too!
  2. Hi @TeeMarie! I'm from West Virginia and I've been a fan of Mika since I was five years old and have been obsessed ever since! Welcome to the MFC
  3. I'm late to the party (pun intended!) but this song is beautiful. Me being my sappy self, I cry every time I hear it.
  4. Best Birthday wishes!!! :yay:


    1. silver


      Happy Birthday :partytime2:

  5. Happy belated Easter y'all!!!

  6. May I be added? I'm sorry. I'm Elizabeth "Eliza" from the USA.
  7. I am afraid of a lot of human-resembling non-humans, like mannequins (like Resusci Anne, Harvey, and some store mannequins), humanoid robots (Sophia, Tara) and such. I believe this is called automatonophobia. Oddly enough though, I collect American Girl dolls and they do not scare me.
  8. I Feel Fantastic- John Bergeron and Tara the Android
  9. Ladies (and gentlemen), my best friend betrayed me recently. She told this boy (of whom I already do not favour) all of my secrets. All because he's "like a brother" to her. Do you all have any advice? I'm sorry to take up your time. I'm just very hurt.

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    2. Dominika


      It'v very sad but try to be above this. Friends come and go. You have to be true to yourself and be strong :boxing:

    3. Paoletta
    4. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      This is so bad thing. It can always happen, people like this. But don't forgive her, she would do it again. Try to find revenge.

  10. I feel like this cat.


  11. playing my flute!


    1. Irem Aytepe

      Irem Aytepe

      It sound so amazing 

    2. Paoletta


      @ElizaWilson aww Sound  of an orchestra :thumb_yello:

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