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  1. KITTY!!!

    Ahh how are you darling?

    Im ok i think.

  2. yes alice ;)

    love yew lodes


  3. ola =] how are yeww x hope yr ok xxx

  4. lol cant spell XS and ye i prefer her olderstuff and cource your better, your on mfc!
  5. ok dunno if anyone else likes her but AVRIL LAVINE!!!!!!! let me know if you like her.
  6. thank you Omgeee russle brand is fit! love his hair. seriously good backcombage:mf_rosetinted:
  7. well i dunno either but whitesnake is a cool name so... tights ot trousers
  8. lool obveusly!!!! Shikutukumimika why thank you my dear:)