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  1. You blocked me from facebook! :o

  2. wow.. carlota :) i miss you so much :(

  3. Merry Christmas, Lota! :huglove:

  4. Merry Christmas! :huglove:


  5. Feliz Natal!! :D



  6. Awww hey! thanks, you too! And a happy new year:huglove:

  7. Hey, Carlota!


    I just want to wish you a Merry Chirstmas and a Happy New Year! :huglove::biggrin2:






  8. heeey lovely :)

    i know.. i try to come here but it's just hard with daily life aswell.. and i wanna come here more because of the people..

    i've been having the best time of my life in that school ireally love it :)

    i just made a thread, because i cant really catch up easily and if people wanna catch up with me they can do it there...




  9. heey hun..

    I've been having the time of my ****ing life in that school.. Amazing people, amazing place... I can tell you more.. it'd be easier by email though, i think you know mine so just email me with questions and news and ill email you back :D xx

  10. Hi Carlota! It's been a while since you were able to visit us. I hope you're having a lot of fun at school. Miss you :huglove:

  11. wahh sweettyy i almost gave up coming to the mfc. i don't use it anymore.. it's so boring without youu..

    no i didn't get a mail.. :(


    how are youu ??

  12. Jullsss :D im so sorry! i got it, and i answered it o.O didnt you get it?:( im sorry i havent been around, i will email you as soon as i can love!!

    love you foreverr xx

  13. Oh my god, i just noticed that we've got birthday at the same time :D

    Funny xD

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