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  1. Best gig EVER! Mika is an AMAZING showman! I love how he engages the crowd so much! I got to the gig just as the doors were opening, so I didn't get to connect with any of the MFC until afterwards. But that was ok. I had my hat on with my MFC pin on it, and the "Got Mika?" pin that Suz had given me There was one point in the show where he made everyone close their eyes, and was pointing at people who hadn't closed theirs and made them close them!!Then on the count of 3 we all JUMPED!!! It was during Love Today, and that was fun He did a bunch of old songs, and a bunch of new ones too, so that was awesome I got a balloon that was thrown out during Lollipop after the show from one girl who didn't want to carry it anymore, but I don't know her name. I'm so bad for names. A bunch of people went to hang out in the alley, so I tagged along. I brought my "Songs for Sorrow" book with me in the hopes that Mika would sign it The band members came out and then I saw John, when I saw him, I knew that Mika wouldn't be long behind Well he came out, hobbling, on crutches, poor dear! Looked like he was in pain He didn't do photographs, but he did autographs, and he signed my book! He looked up and said "Thanks!" to ME! HE thanked ME! Then I thanked him, and rubbed his shoulder and told him to take care of that ankle, and I left floating on a cloud the whole skytrain ride home Cheers, mates!
  2. I hope you have a fantastic 25th Birthday Mika, us leos need to stick together! Thank you for another year of wonderous music and amazing adventures! Thank you for prompting change in my life! Thank you for all of your messages to us, the fans. Thank you for remembering the little people. Thank you for having so much fun all the time You're awesome! Keep it up!
  3. Hello!! And a big MFC welcome to you!! you will have alot of fun here, you can't help it! )
  4. Eww...i'm so sorry, being sick SUCKS so much *hugs* sounds to me like you need a 2nd opinion. Don't just go with the one doctors thought if you are worried about it. Heck, if you need to, get a 3rd and 4th opinion. you are not stuck with having to deal with only one doctor. I'd worry too, and I wouldn't be happy till they removed it. I'm awfully sorry about your friend too, that's no good. Can they not do anything till she's 20 because they have to wait for her to stop growing? what's the reason for the wait?
  5. I can't have cake anyway, Natureopath put me on a 'no sugar, no wheat, no dairy' diet, and I think that all 3 are in cake. But it's ok, cause I have a very special visitor coming, so I hope it will be a great birthday I will have an amazing birthday an old boyfriend from like...20 years ago when I was 14 to 18 years old is coming to see me We've rekindled our romance, and so him coming 400km to visit me on my birthday weekend is going to be stellar I just don't want a stupid toothache, cause the constant pain just puts me in suuuuuuuch a bad mood, and I don't want to be in a bad mood when my boy (man now, I guess!) comes to visit!
  6. i have a toothache, but can't get a dentist appt until the 14th of aug..( i hope it goes away for my birthday next week, or it's gonna suck
  7. Great job everyone getting the site back! Thanks Mika for caring so much about the fans who care so much for you! We really appreciate every little thing you do for us, that's what makes you so special to us. YOU CARE. Thanks for that! Wish I could be around more right now, but working a summer job out in the middle of nowhere and internet is spotty at best. Hopefully once I get back to school in Sept, I'll be back alot more often! I really miss you guys alot, and I miss gushing about our favorite singer I'm still spreading the word, one set of ears at a time. You can't just TELL people about Mika, they have to EXPERIENCE him for themselves. Since I last talked to you all, I've been to Hawai'i with my Mom, and now on a farm in the middle of the boonies, getting my hands dirty every day, communing with nature, growing plants and vegetables, eating healthy, and getting most of the junk food out of my life. I'm getting exercise (of which I'm doing more every day), losing weight, and generally getting healthy. I'm on a journey, and I hope to be an almost new person come September. I don't know if I can get the Mika Birthday thing together, although I did bring the stuff with me so I can make something nice, I just haven't had any time. Up at 5am, out in the fields all day, come home at night sweaty, dirty and tired, and fall into bed after washing. But we've got most of the backed up stuff done, the catchup, so hopefully things will fall into a steady rhythm soon and I can get some time to myself to do things. I love you all, miss you tons, and Mika, your bouncy music helps me keep up my energy throughout the day I have my speakers set up outside and blast the music into the fields (along with a few other artists as well) which keeps everyone hopping I hope to talk to you all soon! Love Crystal
  8. Howdy oldlings!!!! I am officially done school for the summer!! WHEE!!! I am about to leave for Hawaii on Tuesday with my Mom!! WHEE!!! Oh...and....after listening to my MIKA CD, my Mom had to go out and buy one for herself!!! But her copy has Erase and Ring Ring on it, apparently my copy is South American and doesn't have those 2 songs on it, so I ripped them from her CD... Now she's asking me to type her out some lyrics so she can learn the songs. So I'm doing that, but then half way through Grace Kelly, I had a thought. The lyrics to all of his tunes HAVE to be here somewhere on MFC...is there a Lyrics thread or a lyrics archive or something that I can just copy and paste from and not have to type them all out myself? seems time consuming. YAY for making my Mom a MIKA fan!! Can anyone help? Thanks lovelies!!
  9. I couldn't see the picture of the teddy bear to be honest. I was wondering if that counted. This game could get extremely involved though if it got to the point where we'd have to photoshop each image brown wooden flute
  10. it's one thing to make it hard, but there is no clothing yet with our Meeks picture on it, is there? Cause I was searching for days trying to find a big poster or tshirt or something, and I can't find anything. The closest I can find is this I could photoshop something up, but is that within the rules of the game? Glittery pink lipstick
  11. Well folks, nice chatting with you but I need to be off now, the sun is shining and there is a game of frisbee going on! have fun! talk to you later
  12. I don't usually either, unless i'm going out somewhere with girlfriends and they hold me down and make up my face themselves. I have no skills or interest in make up really. This is me just the way I am
  13. Ok you can have him, I don't want to fight. Don't feel jealous though when I look over at you two and drool to myself making puppy dog eyes
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