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  1. Happy Birthday :flowers2:

    1. Mikasister


      Felicidades, Laura!!  :huglove:


    2. LeiRe




      Thank you so much, Silver! :huglove:

      Muchas gracias, Alba! :huglove:

  2. I know, it's almost always lively danceable tunes that win. Sounds a bit like country music to me, specially at the beginning. Oh, so am I. The ones I usually like never make it even to the Top 10. Except for last year, for once I loved the winner. I like this one much more than Israel's if you ask me. I've heard it has huge chances this year, but I don't like it at all. See what I meant?
  3. The English version: The video kind of tells their story, so tender.
  4. It's catchy, I quite like it.
  5. On first listen I really liked "Tu canción". I found it sweet and beautiful, but maybe I was biased because those two contestants – they all are finalists in a talent show, proper winner will be chosen next week – proved to have a special chemistry between them since they performed "City of Stars" together back in November. Then I thought it could be too cheesy for Eurovision , and started considering other more cheerful options like "Que nos sigan las luces" or "Magia". But in the end it seems many people found "Tu canción" cute too, for it is eventually the one that will represent us this year: I'm happy with it. Even if we don't get many votes, at least it won't be embarrassing as it was last year... And I agree about your entry; I don't particularly like it and would have preferred the song by Debbi, too. Then again, you never know!
  6. Spain will choose one out of these nine songs tonight!
  7. Felicidades, Laura!! Espero que pases un día genial y que nos veamos pronto si el nene no se ha olvidado de nosotras!!





  8. http://xl.repubblica.it/articoli/mika-pop-up-xl-89-english-version-an-open-letter-to-my-older-self-turning-thirty-september-2013/5551/
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