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  1. Happy Birthday Dear Friend !!



  2. yeah shame the derren series is so short :( such a bummer


    I'm off to see him live again tomorrow i'll be in Salford for 4 days & I see him at least twice wahoo will report on it when i get back :D


    have a lovely week


    chantelle :huglove:

  3. yeah that dude was a idot! Go Derren!! :)

    too bad this 'series' only has 3 episodes :(

  4. nope didn't get a chance to watch Derren the other day I did record it though so will be watching it soon :D


    he is really amazing Derren, did you see the other show last monday the one with that fake psychic guy Joe I wanted to smack him one he was awful grr


    good on Derren for showing him up lol

  5. Hey!! Did u watch Derren Brown today?! :boing:

    Its so wrong of them to take advantage of people like that! Go Derren!!! :D

  6. err it kinda hard to explain but il give it a shot! You say 'I have a lot riding on something/someone' if you put all your expectations into that thing/person, and kinda take a risk with it/them. So say I ask 'Mrs X' to do me a favour for something REALLY important, I would say 'I have a lot riding on Mrs X'! Or if I decide I decide to quit school and start a buisness, I would say 'I have a lot riding on this buisness', as if it goes bad, then il be in a bad situation. And I took a risk (quit school) to start it. So 'everyone has a lot riding on this' means everyone has put all their hopes into whatever 'this' means. Hope i havnt confused you even more!!
  7. I know its not a pic....but this is just so cute and sweet!!!!
  8. Yeah it's a joke. The other user said that it was written by Mika but it's not at all but they wouldn't admit it so I just posted it as a joke lol. Seems to have had a few hits though haha.

  9. hi!! :D

    Are you bab5panky on youtube? I came across your 'babs lullaby' vid! It IS a joke rite? :P or did he actually compose that piece? coz i think another youtuber had it as well.

    im confused...... =S

  10. Im fine thanks! u? :)


    WOW that pic below is so cool!!!! Looks like the hand's sticking outta the screen! kinda 3dish... =D

  11. Hellooo! Long time no speak. How are you? :)

  12. someone may have already commented on this... But how comes the song doesnt start off with 'RedOne....Mika...'? like in 'Just dance' (RedOne, konvict...Gaga..) or 'Taking back my love' (RedOne..Ciara...Enrique..)
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