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  1. agathaxxx

    The "Looking For Something" Thread...

    Anyone know where I can find Mika's version of Gave it all away? Seems to have dissapeared of youtube... =(
  2. agathaxxx

    Freddies English Teaching Course

    err it kinda hard to explain but il give it a shot! You say 'I have a lot riding on something/someone' if you put all your expectations into that thing/person, and kinda take a risk with it/them. So say I ask 'Mrs X' to do me a favour for something REALLY important, I would say 'I have a lot riding on Mrs X'! Or if I decide I decide to quit school and start a buisness, I would say 'I have a lot riding on this buisness', as if it goes bad, then il be in a bad situation. And I took a risk (quit school) to start it. So 'everyone has a lot riding on this' means everyone has put all their hopes into whatever 'this' means. Hope i havnt confused you even more!!
  3. agathaxxx

    End of year exams

    Good luck!!!!!!! Im sure you'll be fine Ive had my main exams, and ive got my final exam this thursday!! Cant wait till its over!
  4. agathaxxx

    Arranged #mikakickSass Twitter event #2 MAY 3RD

    Off topic but the 1st pic on ur sig is SO HOT!!! yay for plasticspastic2!!
  5. agathaxxx

    Arranged #mikakickSass Twitter event #2 MAY 3RD

    oh wow great idea!! Most her followers would be kick ass fans, so im sure at least half of them would get tweeting about mika!! We'll give the Justin Bieber fans a run for their money!
  6. agathaxxx

    Arranged #mikakickSass Twitter event #2 MAY 3RD

    I wanna join!! username: agathaxxxmfc
  7. agathaxxx


  8. agathaxxx

    COMPETITION!!! Help me win!

    good luck!!!!!!!!! =D
  9. agathaxxx

    proud moments

    Getting one of my friends who absoutely 'hated' loving him!! She really wants to go to one of his concerts now!
  10. agathaxxx

    Arranged #mikakickSass Twitter event

    oook so i added a youtube link to vid of kick-ass, on whatthetrend Hopefully that'll get more people to go listen to the song....
  11. agathaxxx

    Arranged #mikakickSass Twitter event ^ haha they have no idea why its trending!! err ok.... its gone now..coz it stopped trending
  12. agathaxxx

    Arranged #mikakickSass Twitter event

    wow so weird!! Completely forgot today was the day for the tweeting thing... And somehow i just randomly remembered at 7.01!!! =D
  13. agathaxxx

    Arranged #mikakickSass Twitter event

    im in!! agathaxxxmfc