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  1. Hi Greyceli!

  2. If he were open about it, then I guess I'd know what its like to be in love with someone who is in no way attracted to your type at all. As long as he is still gorgeous, witty, perfect, talented, and funny, which he always will be, M can kiss anyone he wants because I'll still love him. <3
  3. :biggrin2: hello how are you?? :naughty: still love my mika pics!!! :mf_lustslow:
  4. I am SO thrilled/surprised that I'm not the only one who has considered getting a Mika tattoo. The only thing stopping me is the fact that my parents will kill me without a doubt it i had it done. I really wanted Mika's name in plain capitals either on my wrist or on the top of my hand alongside my thumb. Everyone thinks i'm crazy for it, but I wouldn't get anything else tattooed on my body except for Mika.
  5. Helloooooooo how are you doing

  6. except the it wont be anything like that tragedy.... that was a terrible example. Heres a better one: Mika's album will be the biggest thing since Martin Luther King:teehee:
  7. Mika's album will be the biggest thing since Michael Jackson's death
  8. I've been going into Mac stores, opening mikasounds.com in every computer/iPod/iPhone in the store, and leaving
  9. Yep, just noticed . didn't have time to look through the thread. Watched WAG wayyyyyyyyyyyy too many times:teehee:
  10. dont know if anybody else noticed or has already posted it in this thread but I SPOTTED THE JACKET!!!!! LOOKS SO GOOD CONGRATULATIONS HE WORE IT IN THE VID!
  11. Oh my goddddddddd oh my god tears tears tearsssssss it is incredible bless him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I GOT SO SCARED :'( until I saw this thread is from 2008! thank god
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