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  1. YKYAMFW in a restaurant in a little town in Ohio on Friday, a group of thirteen year old boys randomly get up and start belting out Aux Champs Elysees, your whole family stares at you because you sing along.
  2. So, I'm in a children's play thats rehearsing right now; but I know thats hardly an excuse for why I got into an argument with a group of eight-year-olds over musical preferences: Girl 1: Omg I love Selina Gomez! Girl 2: Me too! but I love Grayson Chance more! (I don't even know who this person is. and what kind of name is grayson anyway?) Girl 3: I don't understand why you like these sucky people! Me: Finally! One of you has some sense! who do you listen to? Girl 3: Katy Perry! Me: Oh God... Girl 2: Well who do you listen to? Me: (adopting a little kid "na na I'm better than you" voice) Rufus Wainwright! they shut up.
  3. Sister (talking about his cat): The first time i tried to pick him up he hissed at me and ran away! Her boyfriend: Same thing I did. :roftl:
  4. hahaha I guess it does sound a little bad the way I put it. I should have added that I was not in the bed at the time (I have a single anyway)
  5. My Mika dream was a little insane So Mika, the Scissor Sisters, and Lady Gaga all decided to have a concert together. .....in my backyard. and I was playing hostess at this little event. The dream started after the concert, at an afterparty in my living room, where a select group of superfans were invited. For some reason, Gaga, Jake Shears, and Ana Matronic got mad at the fans and made them all leave. Apparently all the artists and their entire road crews were all staying at my house, and after the party Mika was so tired that he crashed on my bed and didnt wake up for twelve hours. all in all, it seemed like a lot of fun!
  6. Oh. :aah: I lurk too... Phantom of the MFC and all. :aah:

  7. hi trix! you probably haven't noticed me before because i haven't written on the forums in forever...more of an occasional lurker. ~forevermika

  8. Why haven't I noticed you before? You're in PA too? :D

  9. YKYAMFW you become obsessed with two bands COMPLETELY without knowledge that Mika recently got into them as well. YKYAMFW in your school's musical you are all over your character's husband just because he looks sort of like Mika. (p.s. very disappointed that he just got a haircut...doesn't look like him as much without curly locks )
  10. girl: "John is the best person I know...and I know Jesus!"
  11. Girl: I still can't believe Fall Out Boy broke up! Boy: I blame Jessica Simpson! Girl: Uh..its Ashley Simpson Boy: I still blame Jessica Simpson
  12. I cant believe no one else has said this! Last night on my favorite show The Sing Off an a cappella group sang Grace Kelly! vid: Mika and Ben Folds in the same show! I had a heartattack!
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