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  1. Hi there Just a quick review about the gig in Geneva yesterday evening. Can't be too long as I'm writting from my phone and have to leave in a few minutes to visit lausanne with some friends staying here for a few days ^^ We went to the venue around 5pm. There wasn't many people waiting and we found a food spot in the right side of the stage, somewhere near the 10th pr 11th row. Out spot was great! Not too crowded with a perfect view on the stage and we had loooot's of fun during the gig. The opening act was fine, a swiss group called Jetlakes. It was their very first gig in front of such a big audience and they we're very excited about that which was very nice to see. The audience was fine and sang and danced a lot. The setlist was the usual one, no surprise about it. During staring at the sun, Mika went to the seated area and sang the whole song there. It was great to see and the energy during the song was great. Mika talked a lot and explained how he met à strange woman in the Jura (moutains between France and switzerland) the day before the gig, he was pretty funny. He also explained that someone bought a private piano lesson with him during the french telethon a few years ago and That he completely failed to have it done. Ad the boy was in the audience in Geneva, he went on stage on love today and played the piano (actually just one note) during the song. It was great and everyone was clapping and screaming at the end of the song. It probably wasn't what the boy (or his parents...) was really expecting after having spent so much money for a private lesson but it was a good moment of the gig. At one point he told people he would wear whatever people were throwing him on stage and quickly regretted it as he ended up with a t-shirt, a scarf, shoes and some other ugly things (but luckily no underwear!) I've had a very good time for this "special" gig for me as it was his first show near my place apart from festivals and i'm really thankfull he came in Geneva I
  2. Looks like I'll have my "home gig" in the end A friend of mine won tickets and offered me to go with her! a private gig, 10 min away from home, with a good friend of mine...this sounds VERY good for the ones coming too, I'll be on the balcony looks like the place is big enough to have a balcony This is insane! can't wait to be there!
  3. Hey!! That's wonderful news!! You'll have an amazing time there for sure
  4. I have two seated tickets available if anyone is interested
  5. That would be great to have a little special project for this show as it's the first time he's doing a show in the french part of Switzerland (apart from festivals of course). Maybe we could bring cow bells or Moo Boxes to be sure he'll remember his show in Switzerland More seriously, I'll think about it and let you know any idea I may have
  6. There's a new contest in April to win tickets there you go: http://www.clubsc.ch/fr/concours I't's still only opened to resident of Switzerland though GOOD LUCK everyone
  7. Happy Birthday

  8. Thanks for your help Karin and Mari I'll try to make my way in anyway so I'll have a look at any other contest that may appear around here
  9. I saw Amandine ( the swiss girl Mika wanted so much in his team who finally chose Florent Pagny) singing at a local concert yesterday. She has an amazing voice. I admit she's my absolut favortie now xD Hope she'll make her way through the battles to access the lives!
  10. I feel quite confused about this as I just learned the news... On the one hand i feel pretty proud because it's the very first time he's coming in Lausanne. I know it's stupid but knowing he's coming "home" makes me happy. On the other hand I'm kind of mad because he's coming for a stupid private thing... so in the end I feel smthg like that all at the same time haha: I really hope so
  11. Hi there I have 2 spare seated tickets for Strasbourg on saturday May 28 If anyone is interested please pm me
  12. Looks like my PM box was full, sorry about that And sorry for my veryyyy late answer. I've had a hard end of year and beginning of new year at work so I haven't been able to come here for a while... Things are better now I't not a problem to go by train at the arena. You can take a train from Lyon to Geneva and then there another train doing the connection from Geneva's train station to the airport The arena is 5min. walk from the station and it's pretty easy to find. And yes, of course there are some hotels near the airport. I don't really now them as I never had to visit any of them myself but they should be fine.
  13. OMG I have no words to explain how excited I am about this date!! I've been secretly waiting for a gig to happen at the Arena for years! I mean... I perfectly know how lucky we've been in Switzerland because we saw the man maaaaaany times at festivals and gigs already. But the Arena means so much to me! Tbh the place is not very impressive, beautiful or anything like that, it's very similar to a Zenith in France, but my younger me gig experiences are almost all related to the Arena in Geneva, so I've always been thinking that seeing Mika in such a familiar place would be amazing. And now it's really happening!! Yeepeeee!! more seriously: if anyone needs details about the place and how to get there by train, boat, plane or whatever please feel free to PM me (that was one of the most useless post I've ever made, sorry about that, but it's also one of the most enthusiastic )
  14. I can not make a proper report as I've actually not attended the gig but I've been lucky enough to see a good part of it from outside because the television guys let a few of us watch it on the screens in their truck Of course it was not the best conditions because every now and then people speaking so loud came by screaming "que bellooooooo!!!" as soon as they saw mika on the screens but luckily they did not stay very long and I could still hear a good part of the songs. I could actually see 5 mika at the same time thanks to the screens Unfortunately, right after the beginning of the 2nd part, people from the staff of the theatre saw that some teenage girls were taking pictures and filming the screens so they asked us to leave but I'm still very happy that I could see a good part of the concert. I can only agree with Allegra that those acoustic concerts are an open door to Music with a giant "M". As much as the "normal" gigs usually give a very clear view of the performer Mika is, listening to him with a symphonic orchestra just throws his talent into your face. Therefore I'm very happy that he did it one more time so that more people could get the chance to listen to this and I really hope he'll do other concerts like this one in different part of the world just to give more people an opportunity to experience in such a pure form how talented he is. I cannot compare the gigs in Montreal with this one as the conditions were quite different for me and i must say I don't really care about which was better or not. The only important thing to me is that those concerts are pure magic. I've been really happy to see many MFCers before and after the concert and I've enjoyed my trip to Como a lot. It was just perfect
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