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  1. Okay, this was my first MIkagig in France, and it's also the first time I write a report, so be kind. I arrived at the venue about 4 pm. Unfortunately I didn't meet any other MFClers, but I thought you guys were long up front This was the first time I ever went to a gig where someone collapsed during the cueing, so that was a good start. I was about forth/fith row on the right. Of course the caravanthingy where all the action happened was on the left side The gig was really good, great audience and Mika seemed to have a really good time. He danced a lot, talked a lot. Unfortunately my french is very basic so I only understood roughy what he was talking about. Like macboll said, about the venue and it being sunday and what sundays meant for him as a child in france (i think. I understood something about a weird TVshow being mentioned). There where a lot od things being thrown on stage and he picked a few of them up and fooled around with them and at one point he collected some of the devil's hornes that people in the front row had and put them on the bands heads. Of course the stage show was, as always fantastic. The costume changes were a bit overdone I thought (once he put on a jacket for the last ten seconds of a song and at the start if the next song it was gone again) but I loved the huge discoball and his dance at the beginig of Elle me dit Setlist as far as I remember (not in that order): No place in heaven Grace Kelly Relax Boom Boom Boom (he forgot the lyrics halfway through ) Elle me dit Billy brown We Are golden L'Amour fait tous qu'il veut Happy ending Love today Lollipop Good Wife Promiseland Talk about you Underwater Last Party Good Guys Staring at the sun (Half in french, half english) J'ai pas envie Origin of love In spite of him seeming to really enjoying the gig there was only one encore (not sure if this is normal these day, my first Mikagig in a long time) but all in all he played for almost two hours so it was plenty
  2. Thank you, at least I know where to look now. Now I'm not sure it's on google ;-) I guess I'll just come early and look around. I also read there is a tourist info at the station, so maybe they can tell me if I can't find it.
  3. Can somebody tell how I get to the venue? Somehow I can't even find it on Google
  4. Been to Perth, for like four days because I ran out of time, but it's really lovely and everyone I know who has stayed there longer loves the place. I've seen the Uni there, looks very nice but of course I haven't been inside. If Oakie Doakie lives in Perth surely she can tell you more.
  5. well if you compare it to last summer. I could not be here for weeks without missing more than two or three posts I can try and cross everything I have and honestly I think everyone wants to come back to Australia once they've been here (at least everyone I know, I sure do). A petition might help though
  6. Wow, what happened? This place is crowded suddnely @Chickadee: I think the time we heard about the new band was like four, five months ago, I guess. Before he started playing festivals. I think he changed them all at once. I miss them, but the new guys are really good as well. Stardust is soo lovely accoustic. I wish he'd put that one the deluxe edit, too, although I really like the album version. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys that Mika comes to Oz soon.
  7. Thank you. I just wish the heart photo was more focused. Oh well. I tried to make photos of the choir, but I was on the wrong side of the stage and you always turned your back on me Tina
  8. Great Pics and videos and reports. Thank you guys! Here are some of my pictures (unfortunately most of them are blurry, as usual:blush-anim-cl: ) http://i48.tinypic.com/10s6dd4.jpg http://i50.tinypic.com/20pq4io.jpg http://i48.tinypic.com/2iscwu1.jpg http://i45.tinypic.com/dgkkdc.jpg http://i48.tinypic.com/sqpcom.jpg http://i46.tinypic.com/2moo9ah.jpg http://i50.tinypic.com/1dyivs.jpg
  9. First of all I have to say it was really great to meet all you guys (again). Thanks to the MFC even queueing in the cold isn't too bad:cheerful_h4h: At first we were at the wrong door but eventually we found the right one I think we had really nice security guys and they let us into some kind of lobby early because it was so cold. Inside the venue, like Tina said, it was very hot though. I think we were all pretty much soaked afterwards I made it to the front row, right next to mellody The stage was quite small, in the beginning it looked like there was no space for people at all. After the DJ stuff was gone it got a little better but it was still tiny. The gig was absolutely amazing. I don't know what else to say. I had so much fun and the whole glow-stick-heart-thing worked out brilliantly. Of course people started waving them too early, but doesn't really matter. Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture but it looked absolutely stunning After the gig we tried to stay in the (warm) venue for as long as we could and then went out and waited for MIKA. He was really nice and it was quite funny when he mentioned he is going to change the setlist and everyone started asking him to play this and that song at this and that gig. I'm not sure he remembers any of it he also seemed to appreciate our little surprise with the hearts. Lovely, lovely day. I wish I could have every tuesday like this
  10. okay I really have to learn finnish properly:fisch:
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