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  1. Do you like the MOON in 2010 ?

    I've searched in my fav. :thumb_yello:


  2. Hi !!


    Could you download the ELLE Korea's video ?


    Media thread



    I got it from Laymay's photobucket http://s913.photobucket.com/user/laymay/media/mikaellekorea.mp4.html

    but that quality isn't good... hope you will get better one.


    Thanks always, LOVE :pinkbow:



  3. :doh:sorry !!

  4. sorry ! yesterday's file was not FULL...


    This is WHOLE of the INTERVIEW file's D/L link. http://www.mediafire.com/watch/e44ykws38m57gm3/2013.06_Xfac_Chiamatemi_giudice.mp4

  5. you are welcome.


    Don't hesitate to ask me any video. :pinkbow:

  6. I've uploaded it to YT, but the video was BLOCKED all over the world.


    This is the D/L link of HD file (94.06MB ) http://www.mediafire.com/?eyfnvrnzlsacgn6


    Good luck !! :bye:

  7. CUTE as ALWAYS !!!!:wub2:


    Sweet Mezimitza turns 15 days



  8. Welcome to the MFC !! :bye:


    Nice to meet you, I'm Eriko from Japan. Thanks a lot for your videos. :pinkbow:

  9. my pleasure dear Deb. :bye:

  10. Hi Deb,


    This pic for you. :pinkbow:


    ( I've posted the original one http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2825/8984932978_7848160e06_o.jpg to Swatch thread already... )



  11. I couldn't see anything you linked...


    Would you try to take it by camera or phone ?

  12. I couldn't see anything you linked...


    Would you try to take it by camera or phone ?

  13. Do you write about it ?


  14. Hi Marina,


    Yesterday, I found a interview by "GLAM NIGHT". it was at Bourgee in Aplil.


    Cover, p.10, p.11,p.12 and p.13.



    Sadly, I can't read French languages an understand it at all... don't know which thread should it be.

    Would you start the thread about the interview ?

  15. いつでも どうぞ! :bye:

  16. ROH への ご参加ありがとうございます。:thumb_yello:



    Visitor message への 返信は、相手の wall (名前をクリックすると切り替わります)へすると 良いですよ。:pinkbow:

  17. thanks a lot for loving my pics !! one of MIKA-dream is taking pics by myself !!!:blush-anim-cl:


    I bought a new camera for this Japan tour !

    In Osaka, a security said to me "Hey don't take pics! your camera is DSLR ! We don't permission using DSLR type camera!"


    but I didn't stop taking pics ! because of my friends on the stage! :fisch:


    Security came again said "It's final warning! you'll be ejected if you do it again!":shocked:


    and then, I took pics with a stoop ( I'm taller than others ) I could do to final Lollipop !!

  18. I'm an amateur, thanks !

  19. Hi Marina,


    I couldn't save MP3 files of the interview. ( of cause I can read Japanese languages, but cannot understand the site )

    :bow: Would you help me please ?



  20. どういたしまして!

  21. Have you seen this video ?

    Check it out [ 1:42 ] please !!! :naughty:

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