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  1. I've voted and ive put the video on my facebook page because quite alot of people liked the Kick Ass film, but don't know about Mikas song for it:blink: I went to see Kick Ass expecting it to be played as soon as the credits came on but it didn't. Still, Hope it gets to number one
  2. I have never laughed so much at an interview before 'In a cellar, hide them from the world, its best' That bit made me laugh the most :')
  3. *Charlotte*

    Will you buy the Kick Ass single?

    I will be, I love it and i hope loads of people buy it because it deserves to be number one
  4. *Charlotte*

    Kick-Ass - the votes

    I love it ! I love the song and I love the video. I love it when he runs up the stair case for some strange reason:wub2:
  5. *Charlotte*

    Mika's new "kick-ass" single

    Since yesterday when i saw it, i can't stop listening to it. First thing i thought this morning was 'Must listen to it' It's a great song
  6. *Charlotte*

    Helping Haiti Doc and Single

    I think this is the right place to post this but sorry if it isn't. I've found another version of the Everybody Hurts video with different videos of the artists singing. Not sure if people have seen it before but here it is just incase http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EYQT_VODck&safe_search=on
  7. *Charlotte*

    Mika's Next Single

    I couldn't decided between Touches you and I see you. I love the lyrics on I see you, i think they are easy to relate to, but i voted for Touches you because that was the first song i loved straight away on the new album
  8. *Charlotte*

    The strange effects of Mika..

    Since I saw him live last week I can't stop thinking about him
  9. Mika is AMAZING ! It was my first Mika concert so me and my friend went earlyish (Thanks to Stacey because she wasnt really a Mika fan, i dragged her along with me) We were number 7 and 8. When it was time to go in we didnt have a o2 sim card so i was kinda sad because i qued for so long but luckily i got in through another door and got to first row !! Then when Mika came on it was just amazing. The security guys who were stood near us were giving Mika some wierd looks though =/ Everything about it was brilliant. The way he involved the audience. Made me laugh and want to cry with happiness He looked at me a few times aswell:wub2: Once when he looked at me we were staring at each other about 7 seconds but it seemed longer and i was just like this ---> Hopefully i will go see him again when he tours. I can't get over how fantastic he is live. And all the people in the que were really nice too
  10. *Charlotte*

    Leeds Academy 21st Feb 2010 Pre Show Chatter Thread

    Is the concert still on ? I don't want to set off then it be cancelled because i wont be able to get home until 10.30 =/ Thanks x
  11. *Charlotte*

    The extra ticket thread

    I have a spare standing ticket for leeds i dont need anymore. Pm me if you are interested. Thanks x
  12. can you give me your e- mail

  13. hey girl i miss u !

    and i am from k.s.a

  14. Hey ! Sorry i keep forgetting to come on the forum xD

    I'm from yorkshire, how bout you ?

    I think ive liked him the same amount of time too :D