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  1. I randomly found this on „Ebay Kleinanzeigen“. It‘s the MIKA Coke bottle, which is quite rare. It‘s empty tough… €15,- / bottle + shipping MIKA Coke Bottle
  2. everyone who already contributed on Deb's paypal doesn't need to donate in the fundraising. No one actually needs to donate anyway. It's up to everyone. Both amounts will find the correct way to St. Benedict's Hospice like David and his family wanted it. I hope there's no confusion now.
  3. for those who are interested, we created a fundraising page for St. Benedict's Hospice in Sunderland in memory of David. Here's the link: https://www.justgiving.com/freddiesdouble
  4. The message of the passing of my beloved friend David hit me like nothing ever did before! I knew that he was seriously ill but I never gave up hoping that such a beautiful and lovely person will win this fight. I can’t actually remember the first time we got in touch, it must have been on twitter back in 2009 as he never was a facebook person. The first time I met him was in Amsterdam in 2010. This kind of MFC queuing/gathering was still new for me and so was this costume/motto thing. He was the ‚Mad Hatter‘ and I was kinda scared when he walked around to collect the orders for the little coffee break sponsored by Team Mika. With his coloured contact lenses, the wig and his red suit. When I told him years later that I was scared he laughed so hard This became a running gag between us over the years. He was this kind of person everyone loved to hang out with, he made our world a better place. His little surprise letters/packages out of nothing when I came home from a s**t day at work, lovely messages on early mornings and his random funny tweets. He made people smile, he helped to forget problems for a short time when needed, he was a true friend even he lived miles away! Madrid in October 2015 was probably „the best time we’ve ever had“ – at least for me. „Team Mario“ was born – our little group who was in touch almost every day since then. Everything about that trip was perfect. The people, the chats, the laughs, the concert and most of all the afterparty in the rain. I’ve never seen Mika smiling on stage the way he did when he saw David in the audience that night. David was so happy! We were planning to go to Florence for NYE 16/17, a vacation in Santorini this year was also on our schedule. So many things which we can’t do anymore now. I’m not much into religion but it helps me a lot these days to believe in a reunion somewhere, someday! David, I promise you that day will be a big party! With open hotel doors, hibbeling shirts, flying concert tickets, coffee/drinkies, Mika, Queen and a big fat hug!!! Be prepared! I will horribly miss you until then! Now go and have a good time with Freddie up there while watching your friends having a smile on their faces remembering you, the wonderful and big hearted human being you were. Farewell my dear. Love you. https://youtu.be/EXJhTxTbLkU
  5. better late than never https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooDap2rRF24
  6. I´m sooo looking forward to this two orchestra shows as I haven´t seen them live yet. I missed Montreal and Como and DVD is never the same Cherry on top will be that we´re going to spend New Year´s Eve together! MFC family celebration - seriously, it´s hard (almost impossible) to beat that See you all in Florence! *whoop*
  7. Happy Birthday Miri

  8. Hallo Mirjam, vielen lieben Dank für deine tolle Weihnachtskarte * Inhalt. Ich hab mich sehr darüber gefreut.

  9. thanks for the organization! Can't wait!!
  10. videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrStuED_sOY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnvGBKM-ZuM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJ-BBOYKqHE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6G4szq7LwNQ pics: https://instagram.com/p/71f34DkOpG/?taken-by=mfc_hasi https://instagram.com/p/7089ieEOiW/?taken-by=mfc_hasi
  11. I usually don´t write any reports at all, but that festival was just too good - so here I go! We arrived at the festival at 12 shortly before they opened the doors. Everything was very well organized. We ended up in the Premium view area, 2nd row. Years and Years were soooo good. Can´t wait to see them again in September here in Germany! Mika was brilliant! It was quite a while since the last time I saw him on stage so I was a bit nervous (almost like it was my first gig at all ). I´m not good in keeping the setlist in mind. I still know that he started with Grace Kelly From the new songs he did "Last Party" as well as "Talk About You". Here you can see my video of "Last Party": https://youtu.be/ftVj37f1VSI After Mika´s performance we met with the others to hang out and having some drinks/food. It was so good to see all the lovely faces again, even it was too short tho! I loved the Brazil Carnival thing Brazilian dancers, Samba music and costumes. The party was soooo good We managed to get back to the Premium view area for Kylie´s show. She just rocked. It was amazing!! Having a great time with friends at a music festival in London while the weather is brilliant must be one of the best things ever! Thanks everyone who made it unforgettable Sunburn, lost voice and hurting feet were all totally worth it!!
  12. we'll arrive late evening on friday can't wait to see you all again! It's been a while! For me the price was ok as I'm not only interested to see Mika. Kylie, Years&Years, Grace Jones... I mean that's a really good line-up! AND I can combine that with a trip to my beloved city on the island <3
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