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  1. sorry hun just seen this now. 100% next time I will be a balcony gal 🌈🌈❤️❤️
  2. Sooo long night 😂 Missed the last tube up north so ended in a random Uber with a rather crazy driver 😂 Me and my boyfriend got there about 11:30am and join the normal queue as we didn’t know if we’d have a priority line. No one offered to “hand in a number” or what so ever to us. About an hour later security came in to organize people around and separate standing/ balcony/ priority. As I knew I am with O2 I joined the priority. Most of the ladies there did not have the right of being in priority as they didn’t meet criteria, but at no point you saw me complaining or reporting
  3. Hey peeps! Finally off work for the show 😂 (only me to take 10 days off to see Mika) i am am coming from up in Luton and drive to Burnt Oak and finally take the tube down, if anyone needs a ride in between let me know. Going early down to London as I need to sort some things out ☺️
  4. Se tens ma memória eu tenho pior ainda. sim vim para londres há 5 anos para a universidade e agora sou Cabin crew
  5. I know. I requested the day off work just to make sure I am not up 40000ft in the air when the general sale comes out 😂
  6. My anxiety is up the roof 😂 didn’t manage to get the code and hurts to look at the tickets and not being able to get them 😂😂
  7. Legit been ages! So much changed! Missed you all and hope to see you around Europe for the tour ❤️❤️
  8. After god knows how long finally managed to get back into my MFC account 😂 well I am still paddling around to get tickets #fingerscrossed
  9. Parte da culpa é minha... Ultimamente nao tenho estado muito no compuatdor ... Chego á conclusao que o objeto que simplifica as nossas vidas tambem me simplifica a cabeca com umas dores ... Tambem tenho tido montes de trabalhos da escola e bla bla bla ... Muitas coisas para fazer e pouca, muito pouca paciencia
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