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  1. ¡¡Gracias!! Qué bonito, eres un sol

  2. :huglove:Thanks!!!! Sorry, I've seen it almost 1 week later, but better, I had enought sweets!

  3. ¡¡¡Bieeeen!!! Vamos a Salamanca!! :pbjt: ¡Y qué lugar más idílico! :fangurl:

  4. Yo de España, ¡qué lejos! ¿has visto a Mika alguna vez en directo?

  5. Hola!!!!:mika3:

    Veo que eres española, ¿de dónde eres?

  6. Great vid!!! The best I've seen this Christmas, really, "from the bottom of my heart"!!
  7. Bon Nadal!!

    M'he passat el matí mirant els vídeos que havia grabat en BCN i no he parat de pensar en vosaltres! Així que et regale a Mika!! :newyear:


    Es mou una mica i es senten tots els nostres crits però bé :blush-anim-cl:

  8. :newyear: Frohe Weinachten!
  9. Girls, your photos and reports amazing!!!! And your English is fine, although perhaps I'm not the most indicate to assure it. Ask Mika I was with Paula and Mikasister and totally agree with them! I'll only add 2 things: 1.- It was the first time I saw Mika from the front row and woooow!! I'll never forget that, it was so stunnig see him dance... so moving see him singing the accoustic version of stardust... I love the way he interacts with the public. I was also in Lovebox and Heaven, and here Mika was more confident: we exchanged glances sometimes and that's such a great experience! 2.- Like always, I got a bit shy when Mika was signing autographs, I went there just cause I wanted to give him some presents, well, wanted to give it to his family because I met them at the Heaven disco and they were very kind. But we (Mika and I) began to chat and I forgot giving it , stupid as I am! I was there since the morning but the time went away so fast!! I this is thank the wonderful people I met there and the time we spent writing and painting banners... It doesn't matter where you go, in every gig you find some great mikafans!!
  10. Hallo! Ich war auch in Madrid La Riviera. Schade das wir uns nicht gekannt habe... ich wohne in Spanien, aber bin aus Düsseldorf. Also... nächste Mal kommst du wieder oder ich fliege nach Deutschland! ;)

  11. MY REPORT I really wish that Mika read this, not only to be aware of how much we took account of the effort he did last night singing in Madrid, but also to let him know that he should take care of his voice... It doesn't mean to cancel gigs, perhaps it's enought to arrange the dates of the tour differently, so that Mika an the band could take more an longer rests between one gig an another. I am sure that everybody would wait a little more to go to a gig if it's necessary. But despite Mika's voice problems, the gig was amazing, intense, funny... even more than others where I've been. Mika was cheerful and full of energy like always. He made big efforts to sing the high notes of Stardust, Grace Kelly and others, but the people helped a lot. Above everything with the chorus, because not everyone Knew all the full texts... but the lack of voice didn't affect Mika's performance. I think that each time he's better at dancing... and at speaking Spanish!!! We laught a lot. This time Mika was determined to make each member of the band dance for the first time... and they finally did, and in very funny ways. Perhaps you could find some video of this in youtube. Curti's lost his cover, so Mika take profit to show us a "piano-streptease":lmfao: And surprise.... the other piano (the main) answered to the "striptease" with a lot of lights! ... and full setlist! 'encores' of Grace Kelly, Lollipop and We are golden included! Although in some moments Mika had to stop to caught and I got a little worry. But our encouragements, the involment of all the public of the whole hall made the difference: as Mika said during the gig, the public really gave him a lot of positive energy to keep him singing. I'm totally sure of that. Btw, the sound quality in the hall (La Riviera) was very good, better than I though and my view from a side from the 3rd row was excellent. And Mika's too, because he saw our placard, took Veromika's memorable flag... good place was it. The bouncers were a bit annoying and frighttening, but it's comprehensive in the circumstances. I really think that Mika shouldn't have went out to sign after the gig. Even if I was taking a present for him. It was cold and humid outside, not good conditions for someone who has trouble with his throat. I was rather expecting him to go out in the van, but I waited for my friends and for the afterparty at la Riviera... but finally Mka went out, and the fans run around him massively! The bouncers had to keep them away. They were so many people, and it was so oppressive that I kept myself apart. Never ha seen so many people pushing around one person!! Finally my boyfriend gave him the present and after that Mika went, pardon, run away. It was a bit like that . Sorry, I'm not used to the "fan phenomen". But as I said.... it was a wonderful gig! Mika take care of your voice!!
  12. ¡Hola! Espero que te gustara el conci y que en el insti todo fuera bien :wink2: Como de milagro he conseguido ir al conci de Madrid, fue genial pero Mika tuvo problemas con la garganta... pero lo he pasado tan bien esta semana que espero veros a todas otra vez!! El año que viene, seguro. besos!!! :huglove:

  13. I also want to visit La Sagrada Familia! last time I was there they were restoring it I was in Tuscany (la Toscana, in other words) a month ago and generally it's the same weather than in Barcelona. I'd only recommend to take a good coat and a foulard or similar when you are going out at night... but the weather is going to be fine!
  14. Jolín, qué complicados son :sneaky2:... yo ya he visto unos corazones que supuestamente brillan en la oscuridad y se pegan con pegamento en cualquier parte. Me los llevo y los pegamos en cualquier parte.

  15. :) ¡Me encanta ésta última! Es tan guapísimo... :wub2:
  16. (jo, qué perfil más bonico)

    Acabo de enviar mi vídeo para el Mika Choir, ¡¡qué nervios!!!!! ¡Que tengas suerte! ¡¡que nos toque a las dos!! :groupwave:

  17. Here you have it!



    I don't find the pink one... but feel free to copy!

  18. Hi!! Just have seen your message. Did you mean the old one? It's from a friend in Facebook who designes that things :) And the new one it's me with Mika's poster in Oporto

  19. El Melon District parece una residencia de estudiantes, pero también es hotel :)

  20. genial, ven lo antes posible!! Estoy en el Melon District Marina, cerca también está el Villa Olimpic a donde creo que también van unas fans, pero tiene peores críticas.

    Bueno, será una cartulina, por eso espero poder ponerla en la valla delantera o taparé a todos los que estén detrás!! :)

  21. ¡¡Hola!! Acabo de llegar de mis vacas en Italia, por eso no he respondido antes... siiii!! nos veremos: ya tengo todo, tickets, hotel, tren... llegaré la tarde del 19, así puedo descansar y ver un poco la ciudad y si no llueve torrencialmente mi intención es echar un vistazo al lugar por la mañana y así tener primera fila y poder colgar la pancarta que voy a preparar.... te apuntas? así nos guardamos el sitio mutuamente y como mi hotel está al lado te dejo que uses mi WC :lmfao:. Solo que... ¿qué se considera ir pronto en España? Pq nunca he ido a un concierto de Mika en España

  22. No, no tengo twitter, la verdad es que como ves estoy solo lo justo en las redes sociales :) Pero vives en España, ¿no? jooo, y no aprovechas que Mika viene (y las entradas a buen precio)