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  1. Hi I have 3 extra seated tickets for PADOVA, fila C 242, 243, 244 Let me know if you are interested 😉
  2. I don't have time to write a proper report except it was very good, a very intimate place and a good energy. I'm a bit disappointed he didn't sing Promiseland and I don't think he added another song to replace it. 2 of my videos : - Good Wife : - Underwater :
  3. Hey! I did the translation of Neon Magazine, I didn't have a lot of time so I guess I've made some mistakes, feel free to correct me What thing do you prefer about you? My adaptability. I’m the result of the mix of many cultures, thanks to that I can be in many different situations without being awkward. I’ve gained this chameleon side despite myself with moving. Instead of suffering from it, I’ve made it an advantage. One of our journalists posed nude. Could you do it? If it isn’t porn, yes. I’m quite modest and shy. When I go to a party, I don’t talk to anyone, except if I’m dead drunk. I don’t go out often, but I drink a lot (laughs) Yet, when I’ve the possibility to break away from this normal life, I do things I’d never do usually : wearing extravagant clothes, dancing, undressing… It’s not the person who makes awkwardness but the context/situation does. We interviewed the NoFap people. Those people forbid/refuse masturbation, it’s a real discipline of life… Ooh! I’m not at all as disciplined as them! I’ve never counted how long I can hold without masturbating but I won’t be as good as them! Far from it! What do you think about the spying/intelligence bill which would allow the French State to get personal and private information? I’m totally against it. It’s a quiet war. We don’t realize how much those details, collected together, the all of it, can be extremely powerful. We can build a sociologic model, predict trends,… What we shouldn’t do with a population! Everyone thinks his own little life doesn’t interest these services, that we are nothing on a global scale. But this droplet is a part of a huge wave. And this wave is very dangerous. We interviewed some prison guards. They told us their difficulties of their job in society… It’s very sad for them but I’m not surprised. I think everyone becomes aware of the limits of the traditional prison system. Putting people in prison doesn’t protect us. It doesn’t heal neither. However, there are some effective systems: in Norway, they work on the prisoner psychology, they rather help them, accompanying them than the punishment itself. This shade of difference is probably felt by the prison guards and their way to live their job. Do you consider our generation is happier than the one's of our parents? Yes, it’s funny because it’s a thing I often say. We haven’t known an economic boom and we will never know one. We don't have many things we can take for granted. So, we have to fight for it. And we are proud of it. We aren’t an indifferent/blasé generation, we are impressive/stunning. I do believe in this adage : less choices, more joy. During the economic crisis, I was in Royal College of Music, in UK. The next year, I was told the entries in art schools were multiplied by three. All these people who saw there was no longer opportunities in classic careers, in bank or others, decided to listen their artistic flair. It’s surprising. How do you discover new artists? With all this mass of music on Internet I think only one thing can help you differentiate: the artist identity. Does his/her music stick to his personality? Does what he/she says in itw is coherent with the music he/she makes? I think the musical credibility doesn’t end at the notes, it’s a whole. And it’s a point of reference for listeners. Do you have websites to recommend? I used to listen Radio 1 but lately I like only half of the playlist. The other half is a bit too fashionable/trendy. Otherwise, I suggest you Pandora, I find it well designed. Except the ads which piss me off. Is your hypochondria getting worse now with Internet? Totally! I spend my life on WebMD. One day, I woke up with a dry nose. I had a bit of blood in my nostrils and a burning sensation. I searched “I feel my nose burning” : I would die this instant because of a brain tumor. The next day, I harassed my doctor and forced him to make me do two brain scanners. Obviously, I had nothing I just took plane a lot in the last few days… But, I could have one (a brain tumor) one day, I have to be careful!
  4. Ohhh that's great. I'm sure you're a very good student. My daughter works for a lawyers firm. In the next weeks she's moving to Barcelona where she works and we'll be busy helping her. She's excited.


    I would like to meet you too again, Im sure we'll do it, this summer or when Mika is touring for the new album. Give lots of kisses to your mom and I really hope to meet her in a gig too. Of course you can send me your fb by PM.


    Take care and see you soon!


  5. Hi Alba, yes I think your PM disappeared while MFC was hacked cause I haven't received anything.

    I'm now a law student, but still living at my parents house near Toulouse. My mom is good, she's happy I've got news from you. She still works as a nurse and still a Mika fan despite the The Voice thing has a bit disappointed us... It's funny because many stranger fans say "oh french fans are so lucky to have him on TV every week" but I don't like seeing him that way. Well, all of this to say I'm super excited to see him back on stage :excite:

    And you how are you? and your daughter?

    I still don't know if I'm doing some festivals this summer, it's very tempting because I finish school in May so I will have lots of free time. However, it's a bit far & I'm a bit scared to be lost because I'd go all alone my sis and mom are not free on those dates. So I've mixed feelings...:unsure:

    I hope we'll meet again :wink2:

    Yes I've facebook do you want me to send you by PM my full name?


  6. Sixtine. I sent you a PM but MFC was hacked and dunno if you received it. The one you sent me disappeared after that.



    How are you doing, studies, life? and your mom? Are you going to some festivals this summer? I see there're two in France by now. I'm going to Caribana with two friends and waiting for more dates.


    Do you have facebook or twitter?

  7. Bienvenue Claire! J'ai eu aussi la chance d'assister à ce concert. Je suis contente que tu ais pu partagé un bon moment avec ta famille pour cette première expérience.
  8. Yes, I was, and indeed it was a private gig : my dad works at Airbus but I discovered I could attend only two days ago...
  9. These are my videos, it was such a great evening I breached a lot of rules to film it, so I rather let them not listed on youtube...
  10. This gig was fabulous No Overrated but Live Your Life, great audience with a Mika in a good mood. I was a bit scared that it'd be hard for him to keep the audience hot after Martin Solveig, but he did a really good job! Some of my pics :
  11. Good luck, hope you can make it :thumb_yello: Kisses to your mom and sister :huglove:

  12. Oh okay...

    At least you will see him in Salamanca!

    I might go to Albi but that's not sure it depends of my exams...

  13. I asked Mika on Monday and he said they changed the place and it was smaller and moreover it was a matter of policy and he didn't like that.

    There's another in Marseille on July 8 but so dificult to me attend that

  14. You are so lucky, can't wait to see the ad and hear the song! It seems so cool!

    Oh I see, sad to hear that Marseille is canceled, do you know why ? :/

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