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  1. NieNieBrown

    MIKA as a judge at "THE VOICE" France 2014

    You may already have read this but I just came across it. Nothing particulary new, but was thrilled to read them say, 'C'est lui la vedette de la saison'!
  2. NieNieBrown

    Mika in Italian Press -- 2010-2015

    'What can you tell us about the new album? It will not be electronic. It looks more like the songs that I wrote when I was 21 years old. "The Origin Of Love", my last album, was built and very intricate. Now I change everything.' So exciting! I am intrigued because he keeps saying things like its going to be more scaled back, less produced, and yet then we here that peeps like Pharrell and Martin Solveig are going to be working on it with him! Intrigued ... Intrigued I tell you!
  3. NieNieBrown

    The Gay Thread

    True, but as Macklemore says, is not just about changing laws, its about changing minds. A piece of paper is a good place to start.
  4. NieNieBrown

    Origin of Love - new song

    Like those little sea monkeys that came in packets of dried eggs!
  5. NieNieBrown

    Mika in Italian Press -- 2010-2015

    This was great! (kinda cool to see pics from inside his house. IN a non-stalkerish way ...) Lovin' the yellow trousers as well!
  6. NieNieBrown


    Hello I am NieNie (Ninny, Nononimwad) and new (newnew!) to the forum!